Office Plants – Plants that don’t need Sunlight

There are several challenges in front of Office plants like low lighting conditions, constant temperature and the air is usually dry from air conditioning units. In spite of all these hurdles, there are many office plants that can thrive well without Sunlight. With so many office varieties available, you only have to worry about choosing the best-looking container. Lease-A-Leaf offers impeccable varieties of Office plants which can survive low light conditions.

Lease-A-Leaf recommends the following options for office plants which require significantly less light:

  1. Peace Lily: The Peace Lily is recognized by its dark green foliage and single white blooms partially surrounding a yellow finger-like spadix. It is easy to maintain and requires very less light. This makes it ideal for your office cubicles.
  2. Lucky Bamboo: The name might be misleading because it is not a bamboo; rather it belongs to the lily family. This plant can grow in a room that has no natural light. The Lucky Bamboo requires regular watering using distilled, fluoride- and chlorine-free water.
  3. Snake Plant: The snake plant, or mother-in-law’s tongue plant, is very easy to grow as an office plant. The biggest feature of the snake plant is its ability to produce large amounts of oxygen. It is hard to kill a snake plant because it can survive tough growing conditions with ease.
  4. Ferns: Ferns require very low lighting conditions such as indirect light coming in from an office window. They do, however, prefer high humidity, which you can provide with an occasional misting.
  5. Chinese Evergreen: This is easily one of the most popular office plants that require low light conditions. It can easily thrive on being ignored. Characterized by its dark green glossy leaves this plant grows approximately to 2 to 3 feet.

There are several other office plants available in nature which can brave tough conditions and require low lighting for survival. Please feel free to get in touch with Lease-A-Leaf to know more about the office plants best suited for your workplace.