Office plants – Tips to choose the best

Many studies have shown that office plants improve the air quality to make employees more comfortable to work and reduce employee stress levels Plants have a benevolent effect on people and the spaces in which they live and work. From an aesthetic point of view, office plants can brighten up a workspace and create a more visually pleasing environment, thus making an office appear more attractive and less stressful. The variety of available office plants is enormous and hence the job to select the right plant can be a daunting task.

Steps to make life easy while choosing the right Office Plant

1.  Check the Interior of your office and the available space: A fair idea of the floor or counter space and the vertical space will make the selection of plant easy.

2.  Assess your office lighting: A lot depends on the lighting condition of your workplace. There are plants that require a lot of light for survival, while there are others which will do fine in most office settings i.e. under low-light conditions

3.  How much care can be afforded: There are some plants that require extra care and maintenance and it might be difficult for a busy office to give proper attention. There are many other plants that work great with little care and maintenance.

4.  Budget: The most important aspect for any investment. You need to honestly assess your budget and look for office plants that fit your requirements.

5.  Research and Analyze: Once you have your specifications, you can take them to your local garden store and ask a professional to suggest some plants that might work. Some common office plants are: Areca Palm, Peppermint, English Ivy, lemon Balm, Aloe Vera etc.

As office plants, all of them are aesthetically pleasing and it is only the health benefits associated with them which brings in some differences between them. Lease-A-Leaf is committed to provide exquisite office plants complemented by an equally wide range of the latest and most stylish planters.

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