Office plants – Low Maintenance plants for Office Cubicles

Almost everyone is aware of the myriad benefits of a green environment around the office. Research studies have confirmed that office plants purify the air, thereby improving well being and productivity. However, the next important question is the budget required to maintain office plants.

The good news is that there are several low maintenance office plants which needs minimum attention and thrives well under challenging conditions a typical office offers. Read on to know the most popular low maintenance office plants.

  • Jade Plant: With a little care, this small succulent office plant offers small flowers and a green foliage. It also needs minimal watering for survival.
  • Peace Lily: For the reception space, peace lily is the most apt office plant. It needs minimal lighting and extremely effective in purifying the air.
  • Spider Plant: An incredibly low maintenance office plant, it can withstand infrequent watering and low light conditions easily.