Outdoor plant hire – Time to repot your Houseplant?

In case the houseplant has lived in a container for eons, that doesn’t quality it for repotting. There are several signs which would indicate if you need to repot your houseplant. Presence of one or more of the below listed conditions would mean that outdoor plant hire needs repotting.

  • Need for frequent watering: In case the houseplants are drying out quickly, it would mean need for a bigger pot and more soil.
  • Mineral rings on the container: Salt or mineral rings around the base or top of the container would mean a significant build-up of minerals in the soil. It can cause toxic salt syndrome which can shut down the roots, hence it is best to repot.
  • Roots coming out of the drainage holes: Except for Orchids and philodendrons, if you see indoor plants outgrowing the pot, it’s time for a bigger container.
  • Poor growth and development: Outdoor plant hire can show signs of weakened growth due to lack of nutrients and insufficient soil which would require repotting.