Outdoor Plant Hire – Make your office desk look more promising

The office space is an important place where many of us spend close to 70% of our time. Outdoor plant hire is known to be one of the most effective stress busters which also offers several health benefits along with beautiful aesthetics.
Some of the exciting plants which can be used for your office desk includes Peace Lily, Cactus, Syngonium, Alocasia Amazonica, Bonsai and many more. Peace Lily has a beautiful blend of white and green petals signifying peace. They are easy to maintain and known for their air purifying capabilities. The dwarf miniature cactus plants are exciting and they can add a variety of shape and colours to the interior.
The soil needs to be humid and warmed throughout the year for the Alocasia Amazonica. The plant is easy to maintain, however needs bright light but no direct sunlight. The Syngonium is a fantastic accessory for your office cubicle with its arrow leaves which adds beauty to the office space.