Outdoor Plant hire – Plants which make great indoor plants

There are many outdoor plants which can grow well indoors, however it may take some time for them to acclimatise to the low lighting, cold and less humid environment. Begonias are an excellent choice for outdoor plant hire because of their amazing colours, textures and patterns.

Fuchsias are great for outdoor plant hire but they can be brought indoors from frost during winter rest and trimmed to about 6 inches. One can re-pot them with fresh soil and water only when the soil feels dry. Geraniums which have been growing well outdoors can be moved in before frost.

Abutilon is often grown in containers as an annual, however they like warm temperatures and bright light. Caladiums are excellent candidates for outdoor plant hire which can tolerate full shade outdoors while thriving well under indirect light indoors as well. Coleus thrive well under indirect bright light and hence make great indoor plants.