Outdoor plant hire – Wedding flowers for a romantic ambience

Outdoor plant hire can be used to create attention grabbing floral displays for special events like weddings. Lease-A-Leaf offers beautiful plant containers to enhance reception venues and ceremonial areas tailored to your specific theme.

For a spring or summer wedding, light and sweet scents are preferred. When you are looking for sweet scented flowers, you can try lilac, roses, sweet peas, carnations or bouvardia. Similarly, for an autumn wedding, the outdoor plant hire should include spicy or peppery scents which can add a spice to your floral displays.

Exotic fragranced flowers are generally used in small numbers so that an impact is created without the smell being too intense. Flowers which emanate a strong scent includes gardenia, stephanotis and different types of oriental lily. Citrus floral displays add energy and vibe to your wedding. One can enjoy a wide range of scented flowers with outdoor plant hire for short term floral displays tailored to suit your choice and preference.