Palm Plants for Your Home or Office

Palm plants are a common sighting in many homes and offices, with big and bright leaves and relatively low maintenance requirements. Most palms such as the Lady Palm or Golden Cane palm grow best during the summer months, so now is a better time than ever to get some palms into your home or office. Palms are a very widely varied category and good Macquarie Park indoor plant hire companies should stock a large range, each with their own unique traits.

One of the most common palm plants and a favorite of many Macquarie Park indoor plant hire customers is the Lady Palm. Also known as the Rhapis Palm, this variety consists of several stems with broad leaves. These plants prefer indirect, moderately bright sunlight and do well in well-lit indoor rooms. They can be anywhere from 1 to 8 feet tall so are quite versatile with their placement. Caring for a Lady Palm is simple, keep the soil consistently moist to allow the best growth.

Another very popular palm plant is the Golden Cane Palm, which is instantly recognizable by its golden stems and gently curved fronds. It is a very versatile plant that is sought after for both indoor and outdoor settings. It prefers high sunlight growing conditions but can thrive in partially shaded areas indoors too. To care for the Golden cane palm, simply keep the soil evenly moist and mist the leaves occasionally.

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