Plant Hire- Colour your surrounding with Green

A Plant Hire costs less than most alternative corporate decorating choices, but guarantees an enhanced corporate image and increased productivity. Lease-A-Leaf has established itself as one of the most premier and reliable plant hire specialist in Sydney with a glorious past of over 30 years. The Sydney based Plant Hire company offers stylish indoor and outdoor plants along with exquisite planters at affordable prices. Along with the aesthetic benefits, office plants have shown improved air quality, office morale, performance and productivity. An efficient customer service team takes care of different requests for different offices and provides affordable plant rental schemes, professional design advice along with virtual presentation. Maintenance of the plants and regular servicing is ensured without any hassles.

The nursery spanning across 3000 square metres is located near the Central Business District at Terrey Hills. The collection is huge and spoils one for choices. The planter should be chosen depending on the plant, aesthetics of the premises and material. Fibreglass planters are light-weight, making them the obvious choice as large plant pots. Plan Hire services company offers plant hire for Indoor Plant Hire, Outdoor Plant Hire and Temporary Plant Hire. The Indoor Plant Hire involves Floor Plants depending on the light, Desktop Plants etc. The Low-Light plants are most suited for indoor purposes in an office as they are well adapted for lower light conditions. Similarly, the Medium Light Plants and High Light Plants also enhance the beauty of the workspace by offering a fresh and vibrant look to the indoor setting.

Business establishments should consult Plan Hire Professionals who can suggest the best options available for a workplace. Beautiful green foliage beautifies the milieu and conveys an excellent image of the company to their clients. Research Reports prove that indoor greenery enhances the productivity of employees significantly by reducing stress levels. Temporary Plant Hire during business meets and corporate events enhances the aesthetic value without any fuss. Lease-A-Leaf provides immaculate customer service where every request for maintenance, service, and plant hire is serviced promptly. An organization needs to promote green living for a healthier workplace which visually appeals to everyone. Nature is brought closer to your workstation through plant hire services.

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