Plant hire services – What are the various Services offered?

Plant hire services are extremely important for both residential and commercial buildings. A green interior has myriad benefits associated with it which includes increased productivity, motivated employees, reduced stress levels, and improved air quality. Lease-A-Leaf provides high quality Plant hire services which makes use of high quality materials and modern techniques. Plant hire services can be broadly classified under the following categories:

  •  Design: One can easily opt for custom made planters depending on their personal preferences. For better aesthetics, plant hire services can provide colourful, stylish and durable planters.
  •  Installation: For successful installation of indoor plants, plant hire services take care of the set up and maintenance of indoor plants.
  •  Consulting is also provided by plant hire services which includes everything from concept to installation of indoor plants. Latest trends and available options are shared with the customer which includes indoor plants requiring least maintenance effort.
  •  Service Types: In order to suit every requirement of the customer, customized solutions are provided which are tailored to accommodate every request. Various types of services provided by plant hire services include long term hire, short term hire, express plant rental etc.
  •  Care and Maintenance: Maintenance services are provided which includes change of plants, containers, pruning of leaves etc.