Plant Hire Services – Best Bromeliads for Indoors

Bromeliads are considered to be wonderful houseplants which are offered as part of plant hire services. The bromeliads feature beautiful flowers and foliage which are tolerant of low light. Some of the most common bromeliads for indoors include Aechmea, Guzmania, Neoregelia and Vriesea. Aechmea is one of the most resilient bromeliads which is popular for plant hire services. These large beautiful feature beautiful flowers and bracts that can last up to 6 months. As part of the plant hire services, Guzmania bromeliads are available in a striking arrays of colours.
The Neoregelia bromeliads frequently have gorgeous foliage that can provide months of colour. This species is slightly more cold hardy than the other bromeliads. The Vriesea are beautiful bromeliads which have colourful and flat flower bracts with tiny flowers. These bromeliads are perfect desktop plants for low light conditions and hence popular for plant hire services.