Plant Hire Services – Brighten Up Your Office This Summer

High temperatures during the summer can make workdays seem longer which is where plant hire services can be instrumental in making life easy. By brightening up your office space for the season one can enjoy the benefits associated with indoor plant hire.

Plant hire services can recommend certain easy to care indoor plants which can brighten any space. The Hibiscus plant is a beautiful addition which can add style to any office space. With blooms growing up to eight inches in diameter, the hibiscus inspires a tropical look. They can survive well in areas receiving more sunlight.

Peace lily is an easy to care low light plant which can survive in almost any environment and hence a favourite of plant hire services. Spoon shaped white flowers adorn the plant and the glossy green leaves add style and panache to any space when not in bloom. Many varieties of Pothos can thrive well under any lighting condition. Spider plant is another favourite of Plant hire services which adds an interesting look to the office space.