Plant Hire Services – Different types of Houseplants

Plant hire services are crucial for having beautiful plants and maintaining them for both residential and commercial buildings. A green surrounding has shown to offer various benefits like improved productivity, reduced stress levels, better air quality and improved aesthetics.
There are different types of houseplants which are offered by Plant Hire Services. The choice of a type of houseplant depends entirely on the growing conditions available for the plant species and the budget. There are both flowering and non-flowering houseplants which are offered by Plant hire services.
There is an endless variety of house plants which includes African violets, Bonsai, Bromeliads, Cactus, English Ivy, Geraniums, Philodendrons, Spider plants, Poinsettia and many more. There are many varieties of herbs as well which can be grown as indoor houseplants as part of plant hire services. Some of the good examples include Chives, Basil and Parsley which can survive under limited light conditions of your home.