Plant Hire Services – Different types of services

Studies have shown that a green Interior helps in reducing stress, motivates employees, results in exponential growth, increased productivity and improves air quality which ensures better health for the employees. Plant hire is a facility of providing plant hire service by making use of quality materials and modern methods of techniques.

The most common Plant Hire Services are broadly classified under the following types:

1. Consulting: This includes assistance from concept to installation of plants. The plant hire service provider shows you the latest trends and available options. There are a myriad of decorative containers and colours which can help in creating a well designed interior which reduces maintenance costs.

2. Design: Custom made planters should be considered for better aesthetics and to address various horticultural needs of the plants.

3. Installation: Plant hire services also includes planning for a successful installation of plants. Your plants and decorative planters will be installed and maintained by the team of horticulturists.

4. Maintenance: Depending on the type of Maintenance service chosen, the Plant Hire service provider offers maintenance services. Long Term Hire and Maintenance, involves hire of the pots and plants and a regular maintenance service. Short Term involves hire of the pots and plants for a day, a week or a month. Maintenance Only, the client supplies the containers and the service provider supplies a regular maintenance service.

5. Service Types: Customized solutions are provided to suit every requirement of the client. Broadly, the various types of services are classified as Long Term Hire and Maintenance, Short Term hire and Maintenance only.

Lease-a- Leaf advises on the best use of each plant giving importance to its aesthetics and longevity. The placement and care of plants is carried out with a professional, prompt and dedicated attitude.