Plant hire services – Planting Window Boxes

With space constraints, plant hire services have identified window boxes as the perfect solution to create a gorgeous display of flowering house plants. However, you need to set them up correctly for best results. Here’s how you can ensure that you have the perfect set up for window boxes.

  • Selecting appropriate containers: Plant hire services would assist you in choosing the best container for your plants. The container should have proper drainage holes to ensure that water doesn’t clog at the bottom thereby rotting the roots of your houseplants. Cedar containers are preferred because they are rot resistant. One can also choose terra cotta boxes.
  • Getting the best plants: As part of plant hire services, experts would assist in choosing the best houseplants for your window box. Using diverse plants with varying leaf sizes and different growth habits helps in creating a beautiful display.
  • Good quality potting mix is necessary to ensure best growing conditions for your plants.