Plant hire services – Providing winter protection to houseplants

Once the fall season comes to an end, almost everyone starts thinking about plant hire services which offer winter protection for houseplants. In case of tropical plants which are grown in pots, they are moved indoors before winter sets in to protect them from cold temperatures.

Perennials often don’t require winter protection, however if they are border line hardy for your region, you can create a micro climate with the help of plant hire services. Selecting the proper mulch for your houseplants can be extremely helpful when you provide them winter protection.

For ornamental houseplants, plant hire services recommend leaving the foliage in place which offers a certain amount of insulation for the houseplants. Protecting shrubs can be challenging because extreme cold temperatures can cause damage to the appearance of shrubs. Applying mulch may offer protection to their roots during the winter. Plant hire services recommend wrapping evergreen shrubs in burlap to provide them winter protection.