Plant hire services – Taking care of Terrarium plants

Terrarium plants are ideal to be grown in tropical habitats and well suited for the humid environment. Plant hire services make use of small or slow growing plants for terrariums. Every plant has its own need for the type of light, hence it is not recommended to combine a plant which needs bright light with others that prefer shade.

Plant hire services ensure that the terrarium doesn’t have any fungus, mildew, insects or root rot so that the plant can grow well. Taking care of your plants inside the terrarium is very important. To keep plants healthy, plant hire services would moisten the potting mix and use water sparingly.

Drying leaves should be removed from the terrarium to avoid attracting fungus. Also, Plant hire services regularly pinch off growing tips to create a dense foliage and attractive plants. Pinching and pruning also helps in controlling the height of terrarium plants so that they don’t outgrow their containers.