Plant hire Sydney – Ideal Houseplants for the Windowsill

Placing houseplants on the windowsill of your home definitely adds style and elegance. For people who don’t have their own garden space, Plant Hire Sydney for placing houseplants on the windowsill seems to be the best alternative. However before proceeding with Plant Hire Sydney for the windowsill, one needs to inspect the space and analyse the amount of sunlight that comes in through each window.

Most houseplants prefer good lighting conditions, however they need to be in a position which shades them from the direct sun rays. It is important to ensure that the potting soil is watered well in warm weather, something one would do with outside plants. So, which are the houseplants that prefer a sunny windowsill? Ananas, Zonal, coleus, ceropegia, cacti, Hoya carnosa and scented leaved gerbera are few of the most common houseplants which prefer a sunny window.

For a windowsill that receives the early morning sun or the late sun, the following list of houseplants are preferred for Plant Hire Sydney i.e. Orchids, Ferns, dracena, calathea, Adiantum, sansevieria and many more. Choice of the pots is also critical when you plant houseplants on the windowsill. Many people prefer to have matching drip trays along with the pots which creates an amazing display.