Plant Rental – Factors that decide the Price

Many wonder why estimates offered by different plant rental companies differ and what are the factors that decide the price for plant rental. Well, the price varies depending on many things which primarily includes the following:

  • Type of plants chosen: There are prices differences between different plant species. For eg. Rhapis Palm costs almost twice as much as Dracaena.
  • Containers: Designer containers used for plant rental will definitely come at a higher price. Plant rental companies buy the planters specifically for your plants.
  • Type of Mulch: Plant rental majorly focuses on enhanced aesthetics and hence when people require decorative pebbles, definitely the price rises.
  • Location: Depending on your location and challenges if any to provide plant rental services, the cost varies. For example, an office on the sixth floor without a lift will definitely have an expensive plant rental plan.
  • Plant replacements: In case the conditions aren’t favourable for plant growth, there may be the need for plant replacements which will again incur cost.