Plant Rental – Easy & Hassle Free Maintenance

Plant rental companies offer hiring services which also includes an easy and hassle free maintenance. Since they come with an experience and expertise in plant care and maintenance, they ensure that the indoor plants stay healthy and beautiful. There are different packages available for plant rental based on your commercial needs, budget and available space.

There are plant rental options where maintenance of existing plants is offered, or, rental and maintenance of plants and planters or, purchase and maintenance of plants and planters. The design consultants reach out to discuss requirements and also offer the most suitable option based on your requirement.

During plant rental, one can either choose between standard ready-made planters or, spend more and enjoy bespoke planters which are designed to suit your office decor. In the maintenance program, foliage cleaning, pruning, shaping the leaves and planter cleaning is included. During the plant rental period, in case the plant dies or, doesn’t grow properly, then an appropriate replacement is offered promptly by the plant rental company.

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