Plant Rental Sydney – Pots to Hire for Indoor Plants

If you want to paint your house green, there is none other than indoor plants, that can do the job better. Be practical and incorporate your personal style by combining sturdy pots and decorative pots to use for indoor plants. Lease-A-Leaf has a long history of providing superior quality interior plants and expert exterior maintenance service. Whatever your personality, demonstrate it through your choice of plant containers. You can select from our comprehensive range of containers including fibreglass, cotta pot, ceramic, spun aluminium and sandstone. We hold a wide range of decorative containers in both classic and the latest stylish shapes, sizes and colours.

Each type of plant adds its own special touch and our decorating experience will assure proper placement for maximum effect. Once you have decided upon the types of Indoor Plants, you can choose the kind of containers, some of which come in materials like terra-cotta, ceramic, plastic and wood. Let’s discuss some of the most common types of pots hired for Indoor Plants through Plant Rental Sydney.

  • ¬†Terra-Cotta Pots: This type of pots create a rustic appearance and readily available in various shape, size and colour. The material is porous, meaning the water soaks into the material and allows the plant roots to receive the necessary air for growth.
  • ¬†Ceramic Pots: Ceramic pots come in colourful and intricate designs. Choose plants that do not need a lot of watering to plant in ceramic pots, as drainage facilities aren’t great in such type of pots.
  • ¬†Plastic Pots: Generally inexpensive and light-weighted, this type of pots are easy to use and portable. Variety of designs are available from Plant Rental Sydney, where you can choose from a wide range of shape and colour. Easy to clean and maintain.

Lease-a-Leaf is a leader in providing plant sales, maintenance, rental, and information about the care and use of interior plants, trees, and flowers.

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