Pruning to Maintain Buxus Hedge

Hedging is a favorite of many gardens, giving a natural green barrier to a yard which helps with blocking noise and wind while providing privacy. There are many common hedge plants in Australian gardens that give a lot of variety in style; some are neat, thick, and formal while others are loose and wild. One of the most common varieties is the Buxus hedge. Maintaining hedges well will keep them looking great and serving their purpose, pruning is the best way to do this.

Hedge plants should be pruned often to keep their desired shape and promote healthy interior growth by allowing access to the sun. The frequency will depend on the hedge plants species but as a general rule, no more than 5-10cm should be removed in one pruning, and you should not cut back to bare wood. It is best to prune hedges at the end of winter for best results and the least damage possible to new growth. The Buxus hedge in particular is slower-growing than many standard hedge varieties. This is good as it reduced the required pruning frequency of the hedge.

Pruning hedge plants can be done with a few tools, hand pruners, hedge clippers, and electrical hedge trimmers. The hand pruners are much easier and more manageable, especially for older people, but the electrical options are much faster. For pruning techniques, hedge plants should be pruned from the bottom up as this will make the most accurate and least damaging cuts. It is also advised to keep the bottom wide and top narrow to allow even sunlight across the whole plant, especially for Buxus hedge.

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