Short term plant hire – Picking the perfect Houseplant

If you are looking for short term plant hire, however you are still struggling to pick the perfect houseplant, don’t worry we have the beginner’s guide to help you. The best part is that there are no major penalties in case you go wrong with your choice. For your short term plant hire, you should be aware of the watering schedule. Desert plants demand less watering whereas the big leaved tropical houseplants need regular watering.
Consider pothos vines, philondendron etc. for regular watering and cactus or succulents for least watering requirements. Next, you need to have a fair idea of the lighting requirements of the plants. Most houseplants thrive well under low and medium light conditions.¬†Choose a plant that fits the available space. As long as the colour of leaves stay Ok and the plant is firm and upright, you don’t need to worry much. Buy a decorative container of your choice which can exude style and opulence for enhanced aesthetics.