Short term plant hire – Beautiful Ornamental houseplants

Ornamental houseplants are extremely popular for short term plant hire as they can improve the look of any venue effortlessly. They add beauty, grace and elegance to any space with their vibrant colours. They not only improve the decor of a venue but also gives a sense of well being and happiness.

The Gloxinia are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance making them ideal for short term plant hire. The flowers of Gloxinia varies in colours of deep red, crimson, violet, white or a mix of white and pink. Cape Primrose grows well in bright light and requires minimal care. There are different hybrid varieties of this plant making it ideal for short term plant hire.

The Scarlet Star which is a bromeliad is an easy to grow ornamental houseplant which can be grown outdoors as well. The leaves of this beautiful plant are long, deep green and leathery. The Jungle Geranium has flowers bunched together with shiny oblong leaves arranged in pairs