Short term plant hire – Excellent Low Light houseplants

For business conferences or, important occasions, one can avail the benefits offered by short term plant hire services. In case you always thought that short term plant hire is only applicable for sunny rooms, you would be happy to know that there are several varieties of plants which love low light conditions and perfect for indoors and offices.

So, how does one define a low light or partially shaded location? An east facing window which only receives the morning sunlight for few hours when it is cold anyway or, a location which is 3-5 feet away from a window facing south. Short term plant hire must focus on plants suited for low light conditions in such case.

There are several easy growing houseplants which prefer low light conditions like Chinese Evergreen, Cast-Iron plant, Peace Lily, Pothos etc. There are certain blooming houseplants like Cyclamen which have short bloom times, thereby making them ideal for low light conditions.