Short Term Plant Hire – Orchids as office plants

Orchids are beautiful additions to any space and they do extremely well for short term plant hire as well. They can thrive well under good light conditions, however they also do ok under limited light conditions. Although, they mayn’t last long and require a replacement. Hence orchids can be considered for short term plant hire in an office.
Orchids are extremely healthier than most people actually realize. They are best suited for offices because of the variety they offer in terms of the colour and shape. In order to ensure longevity, one would need to place them near a window.
The roots of orchids are very sensitive to standing water and hence one must never over water orchids. Choosing the right potting mix is crucial for the growth of orchids which is why short term plant hire recommends the use of a bark mixture and also includes periodic cleaning of its foliage to eliminate pests and improve its growing conditions.