Short term plant hire – Positioning your Orchid Plants

Orchids can be positioned in various ways depending on your personal choice, however there are certain species which only flourish in special conditions. An east or west facing window is considered as the ideal position for an orchid plant for short term plant hire because of the availability of light.

The choice of orchids should be purely driven by the condition of light and available temperature. The choice of attractive containers is important for orchids chosen as part of short term plant hire. Orchids in hanging containers looks beautiful and adds an element of style to the room.

Orchids can also be grown in conservatories where the temperature can be controlled based on the type of orchid. Short term plant hire of Orchids in greenhouses require use of special gadgets for humidity, heating, light, shade and ventilation. It should be noted that orchids tend to flourish in the company of other plants because they would contribute to adding moisture and maintain humidity levels.