Short term plant hire – Use of Biophilic design

Coined in the 60s to explain the importance of the natural world, short term plant hire can consider a biophilic design which features fresh air, greenery and natural light. More and more buildings are being constructed nowadays which in some way encompass and appreciate the love of nature.

Use of natural materials like wood and bamboo in its structure to design an office interior along with the use of short term plant hire allows the biophilic design to blend well into its surroundings. The whole idea of short term plant hire is to use nature to accentuate the interior design.

With toxic office environments, it is very important to invest in short term plant hire so that one can enjoy reduced stress levels, improved productivity, clean and fresh air along with a beautiful green interior. The biophilic design can have a dramatic effect on our working life because of the health benefits associated with short term plant hire.