Short term plant hire – Growing beautiful Orchids at home

For special occasions, short term plant hire creates a great ambience with ornamental plants and a green foliage. The best way to grow beautiful orchids at home is by choosing the right variety.

Orchids require enough light for proper growth, however they don’t require natural light, most species thrives well with a traditional florescent fixture as well. Most orchids grow well with high humidity conditions. For short term plant hire, one can as well use grouping of plants to increase humidity levels.
Choosing the right potting mix is very important for orchids which appreciates a bark mixture or sphagnum moss. Periodic cleaning of the orchid foliage with room-temperature water is important to eliminate pests and improves growing conditions. A few varieties of orchids have wonderful fragrances – spicy, musky, sweet or citrusy which works well for short term plant hire.