Sydney indoor plant hire – Flower plants for indoor displays

Usually people think of philodendrons and other decorative plants when it comes to Sydney indoor plant hire. However, during the spring it makes more sense to move your garden indoors with pots of flowering plants. To grow beautiful flowering plants like begonias, petunias, primrose, pansies etc., you need to use fresh potting soil.
Flowering plants shouldn’t be planted deep. To look their best, flowering plants would need adequate watering. Also, they would need as much sun as possible to ensure the best bloom. The display of Sydney indoor plant hire could be either an involved display or just a simple pot of peonies. When making combinations of flowering plants, do consider their colour, growth rate and need for water and light.
For your container garden, mix in trailing plants like pothos vines and alternate them with smaller flowers. Few combinations which are extremely popular with Sydney indoor plant hire includes begonias with foliage plants, begonias with petunias and tulips with primrose