Sydney Indoor Plant Hire – Beautiful and Exotic Houseplants

A wide range of exotic houseplants can be chosen for Sydney Indoor plant hire. However, it is important to know more about the native habitats of the plants to grow them successfully indoors. As an example, houseplants which are native to wet and dark forests can thrive well in a steamy bathroom.
Begonias are excellent houseplants which needs a warm and shady spot to encourage its bright leaf colouring. The Ficus benjamina otherwise known as the Golden King is an elegant ficus with shiny leaves which needs frequent watering. The summer flowering Streptocarpus performs best when grown in a shady spot.
Tillandsia cyanea is a bromeliad which is native to Ecuador, where it would normally grow on tree trunks. Considered as an excellent choice for Sydney indoor plant hire, the pink flower stalk of this plant offers the best backdrop to its beautiful blue flowers. It needs to grow on a free draining but moist compost and stay away from direct sunlight.