Sydney indoor plant hire – Staking methods for houseplants

The method of staking indoor plants is not uncommon because unlike outdoor plants there is neither wind or competition from other plants which can make them to develop sturdy support structures. Sydney indoor plant hire recommends staking up indoor plants to promote growth.

The most basic form of staking is the simple straight stake which is ideal for single stemmed plants like flowering plants. A bamboo rod may be pushed in the soil, while the plant is tied to the stake for support. In case of a wired support, plants with long branches like jasmine are supported with a sculptural hoop shaped support.

Sydney indoor plant hire recommends the use of caged support for multi stemmed plants which are top heavy with foliage or flowers. A simple wire cage that surrounds the plant and provides support to the plant’s weight is used. Use of moss pole is the most complicated type of staking which is suited to climbers like climbing philodendron, pothos vines, monstera etc.