Sydney Indoor Plants – Durable Plants for Low Light Conditions

Sydney Indoor Plants definitely need extra care during the winter months. However there are durable plants which are best suited for low light conditions. Sydney Indoor Plants which prefer a shade are mostly seen inside offices, cubicles and places which receive low light conditions. Light, Temperature and Humidity are the three critical factors which decides the health of the plant.

It is important to match Sydney Indoor Plants according to the available lighting conditions. Most houseplants can easily thrive in moderate to bright, indirect light. Usually flowering plants and those with coloured leaves need better light conditions than plants with a green foliage. Lets discuss more on the list of Sydney Indoor Plants which can thrive well under low light conditions.

  • Ficus elastica: Basically the rubber trees can take direct sunlight without any problems. Keep the leaves shiny by cleaning them thoroughly.
  • Philodendron: Easy to grow under low light conditions like the interior of a room.
  • Dracaena : Watering is critical and should be only done when the leaves droop.
  • aspidistra elatior : One of the most popular Sydney Indoor Plants for low light conditions is the cast iron plant.
  • Sweet Peace Lily: This flowering plant can boom under low light conditions