Sydney Indoor Plants – Trellis for Climbing Houseplants

With their leafy vines and beautiful green foliage, the climbing houseplants wander gracefully over a trellis to create an amazing natural ambience. An excellent choice for small spaces, Sydney Indoor Plants growing on a trellis usually require less maintenance efforts. Let’s know more about some of the most common Sydney Indoor Plants which requires a trellis to grow.

  • Philodendron is known for its big and shiny heart shaped leaves which can grow easily in low light conditions and grows perfectly over a trellis requiring least care and maintenance.
  • Grape Ivy has tendrils that curls around the trellis like a grapevine. This type of climbing plant requires moderate sunlight to grow. Also, one needs to ensure proper watering for the climbing plants and allow the soil to dry slightly before watering again.
  •  Hoya is a sturdy climbing plant which thrives in bright sunlight. Also known as the wax plant because of its thick and shiny leaves, the Hoya needs to be watered deeply allowing the excess water to drain freely.
  •  Star Jasmine is characterized with its sweet scented white flowers which acts as natural air fresheners for any home. Even when the plant isn’t blooming, the beautiful green leaves of this climbing houseplant looks amazing.