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Buxus Microphylla – Making Gardens beautiful

The versatile style of Buxus Microphylla makes it ideal for both residential and commercial settings. The strong shape and rich green color dominates the garden thereby making it the center piece. During summer when Buxus Microphylla is in full bloom, it provides a beautiful structure along with the background of your garden.

There are different varieties of boxwood plants which varies tremendously in terms of size, shape and hardiness. With the best selection of growing conditions, one can really enjoy having Buxus Microphylla in their garden. Since the Buxus Microphylla takes well to shearing, they are ideal for different spaces in the garden.

Topiary farms are heavily dependent on varieties which can include swooping spiral or, tiered ball topiary forms. A fast draining planter must be used for Buxus Microphylla which must match with the dimensions of the plant. By providing those with excellent drainage and keeping it clean, one can ensure easy maintenance of Buxus Microphylla.

What Makes Plant Rentals Really Worth the Money? Top 3 Benefits

Renting plants is one of the most economical and beneficial ways you can use to accentuate the natural beauty of your office or home. Plant rental requires minimum investment and maintenance costs, and you have a wide variety of Sydney Indoor Plants to choose from. Also, you can swap for other plant rentals anytime you like.

So, naturally, this is a very good way of getting the right home or office decor going. Now, let us tell you some other major benefits you can get from plant rentals.

3 Awesome Benefits of Plant Rentals for Your Office

1.     You Get Inexpensive Decor

Plants are the easiest way to get a great decor going in your home or office. Whether you have a single cabin rent office or a large glass building, renting plants like Buxus Microphylla and Golden Cane Palm is a great option because it makes space management so much easier. For homeowners, having lush green plants in their home can be a sign of prestige as well as complement to more naturalistic decor styles and tones.

 2.     You Manage Empty Spaces Easily

Empty spaces can really put a dampener on even the most energetic indoor decors. Indeed, it is considered a sign of bad design to leave blank spaces in your interior decor. One of the best ways to fill up these design gaps is to simply use plants. This not only offers a versatile range of options but also allows you to experiment with what works for you. You will find a lot of Sydney indoor plants playing blank space stop-gap in houses and offices.

3.     You Can Change Your Decor Seasonally

Most interior decor is a one-and-done deal, which means once you have that wood panelling installed and the walls painted, your office or home look is going to stay largely the same. Your furniture too is likely to stay the same for years.

This can lead to dullness in your living or working space. Getting plant rentals to work for you is a great way to find a dynamic way to decorate your home or office space. You can even change them seasonally to stay in vogue with the times.

 Where Can You Get the Best Sydney Indoor Plant Rentals?

 Lease a leaf has the best plant rentals in Sydney for all your decor needs. Whether you need a neatly trimmed buxus hedge or golden cane palm, we can give you exactly what you want. Contact us now!


3 Most Popular Indoor Plants In Sydney For Offices And Homes

Lady Palm

Having plants indoors is a great way to spruce up your interior decor and give it a fresh new vibe. There are plenty of plants such as Buxus Microphylla and Lady palm that are wonderful options to infuse a new life in your workspace. The ultimate choice lies entirely on your personal preferences. However, there are some plants that are very popular for both indoor and outdoor placements. Let’s take a look:

Top 3 Office Plants in Sydney You Can Choose From

1. Buxus Microphylla

This is one office plant that probably everyone has seen at least once in their lives. An evergreen choice for both businesses and homes, Buxus Microphylla traces its origins to Japan and Taiwan. It has spread all over the world now and is a very popular low-cost and low-maintenance option for businesses. Buxus Microphylla also has a number of genus variations which have their own pros to offer. You will mostly find Buxus Microphylla being placed in trendy pots and placed in bare corners to add a bit of life to the scene.

2. Raphis Palm

Raphis palm is another popular choice when it comes to indoor plants in Sydney. Better known as Lady Palm to most people, Raphis palm has become a mainstay in many prominent indoor design and decor scenarios. The plant requires some degree of maintenance but this is no different from less popular choices. The Lady Palm is also a symbol of cultivated sensibilities and elegance among the more discerning plant enthusiasts of Australia.

3. Cactus

The cactus and its hundreds of family genus are among the most popular options for businesses that want a low-maintenance plant in their premises. But contrary to what many may believe, the cacti need not always resemble an unusually spiky bulbous mass. In fact, you can choose some varieties of cacti that will bear tiny flowers at certain times of the year. That is certainly a unique way to set your office design apart from the standard lush green leafy plants popularly seen in offices and homes. 

Where Can You Find The Best Indoor Plants in Sydney?

Lease a leaf provides professional services for indoor plants hire for offices and residences all across Sydney. Whether you want luscious plants or something more sober in your office, we can help you find the right solution. We also offer Terrazo cube planters for hire along with other plant potting options. Contact us now!

Order Buxus Hedge Plants For Your Decorative Needs

The buxus microphylla plant is one of the most distinct types of plants that you can display outside your office or home. It adds a quaint and peaceful look to a space. Buxus hedge plants can be ordered today through a plant hire provider and can be customised in one of many different ways. These can be placed in a variety of spots around your home or office area.

How It Is Designed

The buxus microphylla is a plant that is noted for its lush and attractive body. It is a bush that features a great shape with dense green leaves paired alongside an extensive series of small branches. These create a dense appearance on the bush to make it more visible and detailed.

Such a plant can be trimmed in one of many shapes. You can get it prepared in a cube or sphere shape. It could even be cut into a very specific shape depending on your preference. It is a very versatile type of plant.

The buxus hedge can also be paired with many other similar hedges. These maybe paired together and trimmed regularly to create a very long rectangular design.

Where Will You Place Your Plants?

You can get one of these massive hedge plants placed anywhere around your property. You can get one added to a walkway around your property. This creates a beautiful border with an inviting space. You might need to order several of these plants to create a better total look to your space though.

You can get one added around a garden space or around your lawn if you prefer. The options you have for adding something around your yard can be attractive and worth exploring. Still, you should at least look carefully to see that you’ve got soil in your area that can handle the plant without rejecting it. you must also have a good plan for how it’s going to look so you will have something that is not only appealing but also easy for you to maintain over time.

Look around to see how a great buxus hedge plant can fit in your garden space. You must look carefully to see that you can find a great option that fits in perfectly with your general needs. The great design of such a plant will make for something worthwhile.

Why Use a Plant Rental Sydney Service?

The idea of using a plant rental service in Sydney might sound unusual, given that plants are typically designed to stick around a spot for a while. But the truth is that there are many occasions for when you can get a plant rental Sydney service to work for you. Here’s a look at a few of the more commonplace occasions where such a service may be of value to you.

Decorations for Special Business Events

You can use a short term plant hire service to get plants ready as decorations for special business events. These include conferences, product launches or other unique one-off occasions. The key is to have something that is easy to display and can impress anyone who sees what you’ve got on display.

This is especially important if your office building looks too plain. A plant hire service will help you find all sorts of ideal plants that will add a bit of a flourish to any room you have.

Useful For Parties

Another point for getting plants to hire is that you can find a variety of plants for parties. Such plants can give your party space a great appearance. You can add some of these plants around spots like in large hallways or open flooring areas. Make sure you look for spots where things are relatively open at though. This is to allow those plants to be a little more visible and attractive in your space.

Hire Plants For Weddings

You can also hire plants for your wedding sites. You can add flowers to create a beautiful and natural look to any wedding location. This especially helps you with creating a more enjoyable and relaxed feeling at your wedding.

You could even get some larger plants out for your wedding. These include larger buxus microphylla plants. These can be organised around a larger area and cut to your liking.

Make sure when you look for indoor plants Sydney that you are hiring them for the right types of events. The events listed here are just some of the different occasions in which you can get such plants ready for.