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Chatswood indoor plant hire – Low light houseplants

Low light conditions are always challenging for Chatswood indoor plant hire. There are lots of low light houseplants which can survive with the least amount of light. Lucky Bamboo which is native to Cameroon has other names like Belgian Evergreen, Ribbon Dracaena, Chinese Water Bamboo etc. is not actually a member of the bamboo family. An important part of Feng Shui, they bring good luck and considered nearly indestructible.

Chatswood indoor plant hire offers Spider plants which are easiest to grow and can survive well in low light conditions and even artificial light. The Golden Pothos can survive in dark and dry conditions. The smooth, heart shaped leaves and the Pothos vines are the most popular air purifying indoor plants.

Snake plants and ferns are suited to low light conditions and strikingly easy to grow. The low maintenance plants offered by Chatswood indoor plant hire like Snake plants are placed in the bedroom since they convert CO2 into oxygen at night. For more information, call us at Lease a Leaf  today!

Chatswood Indoor Plant Hire-Easiest Way To Get Plants

Adding plants to any space can be a great way to create a type of atmosphere and milieu that your envision. Chatswood indoor plant hire  is a great way to add new decor to your office space where one can choose the foliage to complement the furniture and fittings of the space.

There are different ways to create the charm with indoor plants. You can bring in your own plants and flowers to add colour and life to different unused areas of your office space. However, this solution does demand constant maintenance and cleaning and one also need to stick with the same set of plants which doesn’t work very well in an office environment.

The other option is to opt for Chatswood indoor plant hire where the indoor plants are selected based on the available lighting and space in the office. One can also change or replace the plants when they decide to change office furniture or decor. So, you are never stuck with the same set of foliage when opting for Chatswood indoor plant hire.

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Chatswood Indoor Plant Hire – Palm Trees Are Exceptional

Palm trees are known to be good for the health and can help in boosting the spirits as well. These iconic plants symbolize hot weather, gentle breeze, comfort and relaxation. Chatswood indoor plant hire can help in creating a tropical paradise indoor with different varieties of palm trees. Given the right growing conditions palms can help in creating an impressive display.

The palm trees are architectural evergreens which can bring structural grandeur to any setting. Chatswood indoor plant hire accompanies palm trees with other indoor plants like the bamboo and other ornamental grasses to create a focal point.

The fan palm is known to be the hardiest palm tree species, however there are several other varieties like the dwarf palm which can be hardy to at least -10 degrees or lower in a sheltered spot. The Chinese windmill palm is the most common indoor palm tree used as part of Chatswood indoor plant hire.

Chatswood indoor plant hire – Classic uses of plants in the workplace

Modern office spaces are often in a serious setting which requires Chatswood indoor plant hire to improve the aesthetics. A lot of workplaces are undergoing complete refurbishment where plants would be expected to play a more important role considering its health benefits apart from the beauty and elegance.

Designers are literally given a free hand to design office spaces with Chatswood indoor plant hire and make them more interesting, enticing and inspirational. For any innovative office design, plants play a key role. There is a huge variety of specimens available in the market with unusual colours, exotic shape and innovative design.

Chatswood indoor plant hire can promote productivity, better health, and improved aesthetics. The workplace is one of the most important places and definitely deserves a serious consideration during the design phase and choice of houseplants. When a new workplace design is created, Chatswood indoor plant hire takes into consideration availability of light and water before making a choice of plant.

Chatswood indoor plant hire – Increase humidity to help your plants

It’s a fact that most plants we love to grow are poorly acclimated to growing indoors. They generally flourish in humid conditions of large forests which includes aroids and orchids. For Chatswood indoor plant hire it can be very challenging because most homes are generally dry, especially during the winter when the heat pumps are extensively used.

However, one can increase the humidity levels to help the growth of indoor plants using the following ideas. If you group the houseplants together, the moisture released by the houseplants creates a humid environment which benefits Chatswood indoor plant hire. The houseplants can be placed in trays with pebbles which is a popular way to raise humidity.

Use of humidifier is quite common because it’s an excellent way to increase humidity in a growing environment. Chatswood indoor plant hire also recommends misting the houseplants to increase humidity. However there are certain houseplants which must never be misted like African violets.


Sydney Indoor Plant Hire: Liven Up Your Next Event!

Whether you’re looking for Chatswood indoor plant hire or North Ryde indoor plant hire, express plant hire services can instantly elevate your event to a whole new level. Regardless of how you want to utilize these plants, they are guaranteed to add a welcoming ambience and unmatched warmth to your event.

Get in touch with a trusted company like Lease-A-Leaf to hire plants in Sydney for any occasion. Short term plant hire services make much more sense than spending hours looking for the right plants to buy and then getting them delivered to your event.

We are one of the most trustworthy specialists for plant hire services in Sydney. We can assure you that all your needs would be taken care of right from the beginning of your event to the end. So, whether you need Macquarie park indoor plant hireor north Sydney plant hire, let our experienced professionals at Lease-A-Leaf help you get the highest quality plants for your office, event or any other purpose for that matter. Get in touch today!

Hire plants Sydney – PR and other corporate events

Hire plants Sydney offers an easy and affordable solution for events, parties, product launches for corporate houses and individuals. Indoor plants can add style and elegance to any occasion. It mayn’t be pragmatic to buy plants when you just need it for a day which is why hire plants Sydney is recommended.

Hire plants Sydney also offers you a wide range of options from small and beautiful houseplants to tall and elegant palm trees. Depending on the event, its objectives, and budget one can make an informed choice regarding the type of plant. For renovated houses or apartments, hire plants Sydney can give an instant boost to front gardens, balconies and back gardens.

Hire plants Sydney are also very popular for product launches because they can offer the best backdrop for any photo shoot. Whether its plants, containers or the floral design, hire plants Sydney definitely offers complete value for money.

Chatswood indoor plant hire – Things to Avoid

Chatswood indoor plant hire require houseplants to acclimatise themselves with the indoor environment. In this period of adjustment you may see few leaves drop at first but the goal should be to offer growing conditions as close to the ones preferred by the houseplant.

Some of the most common ways to cause damage to houseplants include over watering, exposure to heat, low light conditions, low humidity, pest problems, salt build-up, and exposure to drafts. There could be several more reasons, however the above are the most important things to consider when you plan for Chatswood indoor plant hire.

Over watering can lead to root rot and hence best avoided. There are plants which can thrive well under low light conditions however for the vast majority, insufficient light will make it look pale. Exposure to heat can speed up dehydration for the plant. Spider mites, aphids etc. can cause damage to the plant’s growth and hence Chatswood indoor plant hire recommends not to ignore pest problems.

Chatswood indoor plant hire – Growing Rex Begonias

The colourful patterns and intriguingly shaped leaves of the Rex Begonias makes it a popular houseplant for Chatswood indoor plant hire. There are different hybrid varieties grown to have unusual leaf shapes, colours and markings. Rex Begonias will mostly have pink flowers, however the beauty lies in its leaves.
Chatswood indoor plant hire recommends pairing the Rex Begonia with solid green plants of different texture or form. The best way to display Rex Begonia would be to group them together in their own pot. The Rex Begonias can be extremely demanding when it comes to its care and maintenance.They usually prefer a light, rich soil which is well watered and kept moist. Humidity is extremely crucial for this plant where you can also cluster your plants so that it creates its own humid environment. Don’t feed Rex Begonia during the winter, while maintaining the right balance of growing conditions for Chatswood indoor plant hire.

Chatswood Indoor Plant Hire – Guide for Homemade Potting Soil

Potting soil is an important element in case of Chatswood Indoor plant hire. The potting soil is different from the garden soil because it is lighter and airier which allows movement of water from top to bottom and hence keeps plant roots as healthy as possible.
Pre-packaged potting soil can be expensive, however one can easily make homemade potting soil for Chatswood Indoor plant hire. The best homemade potting mix includes the basic ingredients viz. nutrients to promote growth, a growing medium and something to retain moisture and allow drainage.
A growing medium is basically a garden soil which is pre sterilized to remove weeds. For moisture retention, one can use sphagnum peat moss which may need to be lightly moistened before mixing to the potting soil. For drainage, one can use sand, perlite or vermiculite. The ingredients must be mixed in equal proportions along with nutrients to create the best potting mix for Chatswood Indoor plant hire.