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Hire Plants Sydney – Interesting Facts About Indoor Plants

Although we all love our indoor plants and may have used hire plants Sydney at some point in our life, we mayn’t be aware of many interesting facts about indoor plants. Most common indoor plants used for hire plants Sydney come from the tropics where they are used to grow under the canopy of tall trees which also explains why they thrive well under the shade.

The practice of growing indoor plants dates back to ancient times where Egyptian, Indian and Chinese civilizations used to pot plants in their outdoor setting like courtyards. Hire plants Sydney are efficient in removing air pollutants and allergens which is why they are so popular in offices.

Indoor plants are known to reduce stress and improve our mental wellbeing. Hire plants Sydney are also known to reduce noise pollution which is why it makes sense to place them near far machines, printers or, conference rooms. Office plants also balance humidity which results in improved productivity of your workforce.

Hire Plants Sydney – Keeping Indoor Plants Alive

Hire plants Sydney may be the first step however it is important to understand how not to kill the plants to achieve the impact you were hoping for. For this, it is recommended to consult professional hire plants Sydney companies who can recommend the best plants suited to the indoor environment as every plant has different needs.

The most common reason why hire plants Sydney mayn’t thrive well is when it gets too much or too less water, sunlight etc. The amount of water required by hire plants Sydney depends on a lot of other factors like the size of pot, soil composition, temperature of air, humidity and the amount of sunshine.

Using a saucer under the plant which can catch any excess water is important. Next, one can water the plant from the top and wait until you see water in the saucer. Notice the saucer and water the plants when you see it is dried up. To avoid root rot, the saucer’s size must be according to the size of the pot.

Hire plants Sydney – Be more innovative with plants

Houseplants are in fashion which has made it possible to bring indoor spaces to life naturally and in style. Over the years, people are losing out on outside space and mostly restricted indoors with skyrocketing real estate prices. If one can choose the right plants with hire plants Sydney, they can get the good looks and health benefits associated with houseplants.

With smaller gardens and few parks, we need to find innovative ways to keep nature close with Hire plants Sydney. Interior landscaping consultants can design plant schemes for houses with smaller outdoor spaces. One can create gorgeous terrariums and hanging garden with hire plants Sydney.

There are different ways to decorate with hire plants Sydney viz. displaying aquatic plants in a deep vase, fern displays, beautiful orchids in bright colours and tiny succulents. There are real health benefits associated with hire plants Sydney which is why it is so important to seriously consider houseplants.

Hire plants Sydney – Keeping indoor plants healthy

Hire plants Sydney can be an easy and rewarding task however one must also keep their plants healthy so that they can ensure longevity. Plants add beauty and warmth to any room because they can easily create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with their presence.

In order to keep hire plants Sydney at their best, it does require some effort. The basic needs of any plant includes the right quantity of water, sunlight and fertilizer. Some of the other challenges include pests and fungi which can cause damage to your plant. For severe infestation, one may need to use insecticide spray, however for most of these pests, there are non chemical ways to get rid of them.

Regular inspection and cleaning hire plants Sydney is the best way to ensure that a pest infestation doesn’t occur. Use of feather duster must be avoided as it can transmit the pests from one plant to another. Rather use of fresh clean water is recommended to keep the plants clean.

North Sydney plant hire – Beautiful flowers for the Summer

With the hot summer months setting in, it’s the best time to start thinking about plants for North Sydney plant hire. Beautiful flowers for summer will brighten your day and bloom with vibrant colours. The type of plants which don’t require much care, require minimal watering and can thrive well with different type of soil are the best choices for North Sydney plant hire.

Gloriosa Daisy has a bright yellow to orange petals with a black centre which can grow up to 3.5 ft tall. Dahlias are extremely popular for North Sydney plant hire during summer because they make beautiful symmetrical ball of brightly coloured petals and can be grown to different heights and sizes.

Marigolds are also favoured for North Sydney plant hire during Summer because they are easy to plant and maintain. They can be enjoyed all season long and available in different colours.

Hire plants Sydney – Excellent Foliage Plants

Foliage plants are very popular among hire plants Sydney because they are beautiful and easy to grow. Colocasia which are otherwise known as elephant ears because of their elegant and enormous range of leaf size, shape and colour are excellent hire plants Sydney. They prefer moist, warm conditions however can be grown indoors as well.

Heuchera or Coral Bells is an amazing foliage plant which is adaptable to extreme conditions as well. Host as are generally grown in containers and known for their luscious foliage. They are excellent candidates for hire plants Sydney because they come in many sizes, shapes and colours from lime green to blue green.

Coleus is extremely popular among hire plants Sydney because there are so many varieties with different leaf shapes, colours and sizes. Mixing different varieties of coleus makes a great display. Kale and Chard are excellent foliage plants which are grown in containers and very easy to grow.

Hire Plants Sydney – Beautiful foliage indoor plants

Beautiful foliage plants are best used for hire plants Sydney as their brightly coloured leaves can set the tone for any room in the house. There are many attractive tropical houseplants which can be chosen for hire plants Sydney to dress up your home. The Peacock plant is one of the most common types of Calathea which has beautiful silver and green markings on the upper leaf surface. Rex Begonia is very popular for hire plants Sydney as they are available in a wide array of colour combinations of red, purple, green, pink and white. They are primarily grown for their dazzling foliage which grows to almost 2 feet tall and wide.
The China doll has finely textured leaves which can add grace and elegance to any room making it ideal for hire plants Sydney. The Aluminium plant makes an attractive table top plant or for hanging baskets where its compact size makes it great for terrariums.

Hire Plants Sydney – Why is hiring better than buying plants?

There are numerous reasons behind the use of hire plants Sydney either at home or workplace. However, it’s always best to focus on your business which you do best rather than concentrating on the plant species which suit your office conditions. One should leave the intricacies of choosing the best plants to the experts.
Although plants add a dash of beauty with their presence, it can be extremely challenging to take care and maintain the plants. Hire plants Sydney seems to be a better option than buying the plants because in that case maintenance and care of the plants is managed by the experts.  It’s not just the plants, but the containers as well which improve the aesthetics of your office and home. Hire plants Sydney offer the option to make the best use of beautiful pots which are carefully chosen based on the plant species and the ambience. Overall, hire plants Sydney offers complete value for money.

Hire plants Sydney – Interior plants as an office decor

Modern architectural designs understand the importance of hire plants Sydney, hence there is a growing popularity of using interior plants as an office decor. With hire plants Sydney in the workplace, the atmosphere becomes alive and welcoming. The presence of office plants adds warmth which creates an ambience that is synchronized with the nature around them.
Hire plants Sydney can bring a dramatic dimension to the office space when used as the focal point. Suitable foliage can be used to conceal unsightly features such as water pipes, electrical wiring etc. along a wall. Hire plants Sydney to break the monotony of large glass windows by making them look more interesting.
For a bright glare which can be distracting, hire plants Sydney to partially filter the illumination. Shrubs can be used to define an area, reduce noise and attractively finish off any division of space. There is a pleasing variety of indoor plants with varying shape, sizes and colours to redefine your office space.

Hire Plants Sydney – Taking care of plants during the summer

With a shift in season, one may need to revamp or upgrade their plans for hire plants Sydney. The scorching heat of summer can hamper the growth of your plants. To take best care of hire plants Sydney, one needs to water the plants more than they normally are. Potted plants expect special care where the soil must remain moist all the times.
It is recommended to use good potting soil for hire plants Sydney which have the ability to absorb more water than normal soil. This will ensure that hire plants Sydney is always well nourished and healthy, thereby ensuring a beautiful bloom on time.
One can as well shift the pots easily as the potting soil weighs 60% less than normal soil. During the summer, plants should be watered either early in the morning or after sunset to ensure that water isn’t evaporated easily.