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The Best Low Maintenance Office Plants

Most people will agree that office plants of any kind do a great deal to improve any space, adding a natural feeling to any room. However, many plants require frequent maintenance and this often prevents people from incorporating them into offices. Adding indoor plants Sydney to an office isn’t just for aesthetics; they have a range of health and emotional benefits and have been proven to boost creativity, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Keeping some office plants can be a time-consuming process, needing to be watered, drained, fertilized, and pruned just the keep them healthy. Not all plants are like this, some of the best low maintenance office plants to bring greenery into your workspace include:

  • Cactus – by far the lowest maintenance office plants, they require only very occasional watering (weekly in summer, less in other months). They also thrive in natural light.
  • Spider Plant – a plant that can survive with water every few days and partial sunlight. They also have good air purification properties, reported to be one of the best at removing harmful chemicals called VOCs from the air, useful for indoor plants Sydney.
  • Devils Ivy – these plants can survive in any light level and only require occasional watering to maintain. Devils Ivies are a very versatile office plant for any location.
  • Aloe Vera – these office plants require little light and only needs watering every three weeks. They also purify the air and remove harmful chemicals.

Lease-a-Leaf is a leading provider of indoor plants Sydney and can supply a plethora of low maintenance and attractive plants for your office.

Stress Free and Affordable Plant Hire in Sydney

Plants are living creatures that add a bit more life to what can be a drab office workspace. Many different variants of indoor plants for hire are available at Sydney’s ‘Lease a leaf’. Lush accents on a desk add beautiful greenery that is healthy for you and everyone around you both visually and physically as oxygen generation is boosted. The desktop plants ‘Lease a Leaf’ provides its customers is not just one plant but a collection of plants forming a cluster of small indoor plants for Sydney offices put in small pots. The plants vary in height (between 200 to 500mm), colors and shape, and of course, mixing and matching is possible. A choice of what pot you would like to accompany your plant is also provided, however, lease a leaf’s service for Indoor plants in Sydney for hire shines when you let us handle the stress of picking and choosing the design for office space flora.

Lease a Leaf offers expert help and advice for managers and business owners that don’t have the time to worry about the specifics of indoor plants but are just looking for plants that have the potential to bring life to the office.

Inquire on www.leasealeaf.com today to find out how you can fix up the drab mood of your office today at affordable prices and options!

Indoor Plants Sydney – Plants for your Bathroom

The key to using Indoor plants Sydney effectively is through understanding the type of plant suited for the indoor environment. Choosing varieties which can thrive well in the bathroom would ensure that they grow well without any problem. Indoor plants Sydney are Zen inducing and make a great addition to any bathroom. They also purify the air and guarantee a fresher environment which is extremely important for any bathroom.

Most bamboo species have their origins from warm and moist tropical climate, grows quickly and requires minimal soil. This works well in case of a bathroom where Indoor plants Sydney can be grown in jars filled with small stones and water. Ivy and Pothos vines are perfect in any bathroom, around the sink or, around the bathtub.

Since ferns prefer humid air they can add a lush addition to a bathroom. After a hot shower, the conditions in a bathroom are almost similar to a tropical rainforest. Certain indoor plants Sydney like aloe vera have medicinal benefits and perfect for your bathroom.  For more information, Visit Lease a Leaf Today !

Indoor Plants Sydney – Best Cactus Houseplants


CactusTropical houseplants generally require an environment which is humid for growing well. However Indoor plants Sydney like cactus appreciate dry air and average room temperature. The slow growth and easy care need of popular cactus varieties can also add charm to mixed container plantings.

The Angel Wings Cactus is an elegant member of Sydney indoor plants which grows evenly spaced clusters of hairs. The Rat tail cactus can be used as a hanging basket arrangement with its vibrant magenta bloom adding a dash of colour and elegance. The African Milk tree is one of the most popular Sydney indoor plants which is a slow grower and unlikely to grow beyond four feet indoors.

Other varieties of cactus like the Old Lady Cactus, Saguaro Cactus, Bishop’s Cap, Barrel Cactus, Christmas Cactus etc. are sturdy, require minimal maintenance and survive well under challenging conditions. With their unique design, style and bloom, cactus are definitely popular amongst Sydney Indoor plants.

For more information on our products and services, contact us at Lease a Leaf.

Other Articles

The Golden Cane Palm Offers a Great Look To Have In Your Office

Sydney indoor plants are attractive and appealing but some are different from others. The golden cane palm is one particularly attractive option to find for your plant hire needs. You will have to look at how well this type of plant for your office looks and how you can make it stand out in some way.

A Good Design

The golden cane palm is one of the top indoor plants Sydney properties have to work with. This has a series of small palm leaves and sturdy green-toned stems. It is secured amid potting soil among other growth materials. This could add a beautiful look to a tree that adds to something attractive in your office area.

The nice yellowish tone of the golden cane palm is what gives the plant its name. While it is primarily green, it does offer a light and attractive look.

It is also an unarmed palm. This means that it does not have any spikes or other pointed things that might be harmful to anyone to gets in touch with it.

This can get to be around ten meters in height although the container you add this into will keep the size down. This is to allow for some control so an indoor plant like this will be easier to secure in a space.

Tolerates Drought

This great office plant is very easy to display anywhere in your home or office. It is capable of tolerating a drought. Even so, it is best to keep it in a humid spot and to add water to it on occasion. Don’t forget to use some drainage holes at the bottom of the base with a small pan used to collect the water as needed.

Also, watch for its potential size. You need to order a good plant that offers a big size that makes it visible but see that it doesn’t get to be too large. Check the container to see that it won’t take up far too much space where you are.

Look for how well a golden cane palm will look in your office or home. This is ideal to have for how it offers a good look with an outstanding series of points that add to the quality of your work or living space.