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Palm Plants for Your Home or Office

Palm plants are a common sighting in many homes and offices, with big and bright leaves and relatively low maintenance requirements. Most palms such as the Lady Palm or Golden Cane palm grow best during the summer months, so now is a better time than ever to get some palms into your home or office. Palms are a very widely varied category and good Macquarie Park indoor plant hire companies should stock a large range, each with their own unique traits.

One of the most common palm plants and a favorite of many Macquarie Park indoor plant hire customers is the Lady Palm. Also known as the Rhapis Palm, this variety consists of several stems with broad leaves. These plants prefer indirect, moderately bright sunlight and do well in well-lit indoor rooms. They can be anywhere from 1 to 8 feet tall so are quite versatile with their placement. Caring for a Lady Palm is simple, keep the soil consistently moist to allow the best growth.

Another very popular palm plant is the Golden Cane Palm, which is instantly recognizable by its golden stems and gently curved fronds. It is a very versatile plant that is sought after for both indoor and outdoor settings. It prefers high sunlight growing conditions but can thrive in partially shaded areas indoors too. To care for the Golden cane palm, simply keep the soil evenly moist and mist the leaves occasionally.

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Macquarie Park Indoor Plant Hire – Plant Hire Maintenance

Most professional companies offer regular maintenance services as part of Macquarie Park indoor plant hire. This also includes the transport of plants, choice of plants based on the available lighting conditions, choice of containers and creating beautiful designs. Highly qualified plant hire technicians are entrusted with the below work as part of Macquarie park indoor plant hire.

They would need to ensure that the indoor plants are healthy and they are in good condition. One must also inspect for pests and diseases. Watering the indoor plants as per the water requirements of the plants is extremely important. Maintaining the correct soil pH is important and critical for the growth of indoor plants.

Macquarie park indoor plant hire may need to trim, dust and gloss the leaves regularly to ensure that the plants grow well. The containers are equally important and must be maintained well. Macquarie Park indoor plant hire also monitors the growth and development of your favourite indoor plants.

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Macquarie Park Indoor Plant Hire – Non Toxic Plants

Choosing non-toxic indoor plants is extremely important for households having kids and pets. Although it could be very rare to see children or, pets feeding on toxic plants, but it does happen. There are certain poisonous plants which don’t even need to be eaten to be fatal.

Indoor plants like Hemlock, Foxgloves, and Deadly Nightshade etc. are all capable of adverse health effects and hence best avoided. On the other hand, Macquarie park indoor plant hire helps in choosing non-toxic plants like Areca palm, Ponytail palm, Succulents, hanging plants etc. which can filter toxins from the air, produce oxygen and good for the mood.

Macquarie park indoor plant hire ensures that one can derive maximum benefits from the plants when they are incorporated into your home or office. The Areca palm is known to be one of the easiest palm trees to grow indoors. Other pet friendly indoor plants include the Canary Island date palm which can help in creating a tropical paradise.

Macquarie park indoor plant hire – Add panache to an office space

Light is extremely important for human beings and the same applies to Macquarie park indoor plant hire. In all sorts of environment lack of natural lighting can have a negative effect and give rise to unproductive employees. However, thankfully Macquarie park indoor plant hire makes informed decisions when choosing the most appropriate plant.

Nowadays cubicles offer both privacy and windows to view the world. Gaudy old furniture can have a negative impact on employee’s physical health which is why many business owners are investing in ergonomic mesh back chairs. Tossing a bit of colour on the walls with Macquarie park indoor plant hire can ensure a vibrant office space.

Exploring your innovation and creativity is the key to ensure the best office space design with indoor plant hire. A little touch of the outdoors with the foliage and greenery can have a tremendous effect on the visual appeal of an office building.

Macquarie park indoor plant hire – Elegant Areca Palms

Areca palms are extremely attractive however short lived houseplants. Macquarie park indoor plant hire suggests growing beautiful areca palm indoors for a splendid interior. Reminiscent of bamboo culms, the areca palms have fronds which are narrow and full.

Important growing conditions for the areca palm includes bright light, soil which allows good drainage, proper watering, and use of weak liquid fertilizer. Macquarie park indoor plant hire recommends areca palms because they are relatively fast growing palms typically short lived indoors.

The elegant areca palms prefer direct sunlight and hence their best chances of survival would be near spots which can offer proper lighting. Similarly, there is a persistent need to feed the areca palms because they can easily develop yellowing leaves in the absence of magnesium and iron. Macquarie park indoor plant hire also mentions that Areca palms are vulnerable to pests like mites, scale, mealy bugs, aphids and whitefly. It is important to ensure proper care and maintenance for growing areca palms indoors.

Macquarie park indoor plant hire – Indoor cactus houseplants

There are different varieties of indoor cactus houseplants which can be offered as part of Macquarie park indoor plant hire. Trichocereus spachianus has a columnar growth where the stems become yellowish as they mature. The size of the ribs vary from one plant to another. The Cephalocereus palmeri is considered as a faster growing cactus variety which have stems with fewer ribs. In Eastern Mexico, this variety can grow in the wild attaining a height of almost 20ft, carrying numerous branches. The Cephalocereus senilis is an extremely slow growing cactus offered as part of Macquarie park indoor plant hire. The long white flowing hairs of the cactus completely covers the closely set areoles and the low ribs. The Haageocereus includes a wide variety of attractive species which are known for their coloured spines and differing on the thickness and coarseness of the spines. These species produces yellowish hair at the spines and the areoles.

Macquarie Park Indoor Plant Hire – Indoor Trees for a Leafy Elegance

There are several easy care tropical indoor trees which can be used to add a dash of leafy elegance to any space with Macquarie Park Indoor Plant Hire. The Money tree, otherwise known as Pachira aquatica is reputed to bring good luck and hence the name. Over time, the slender trunk thickens and becomes more textural.
The Weeping fig is a gorgeous indoor tree which can be used as part of Macquarie Park Indoor Plant Hire which sports bright green, teardrop shaped leaves. They prefer bright and indirect light and barely moist soil for growth.
The Ponytail Palm is one of the most easy to take care and maintain houseplant offered with Macquarie Park Indoor Plant hire which stores moisture in its bulbous base and hence can go weeks without being watered. The Madagascar Dragon tree can match any décor and offers dramatic grassy green leaves with pink or red margins. Schefflera or, the umbrella plant is a tropical shrub which can be easily trimmed to a tree shape and grows well indoors.

Macquarie park indoor plant hire – Vacation care for plants

When you are planning for your next vacation, the next important question is who will ensure that your houseplants are taken care of during your absence. In case you have family or friends to take care of Macquarie park indoor plant hire you are fortunate, however there are other things one can do to keep houseplants happy.
Most plants will remain fine for 7-10 days and cope easily with a good watering schedule before you leave. Flowering plants are more sensitive as they need more water for their foliage and hence need a moist soil. You can put a sticky note on the pots with an advice for their feeding and watering schedule so that your friend doesn’t overwater or overfeed your plants.In case there is no one to take care of Macquarie park indoor plant hire while you are on vacation, you can create a bed of moist peat in trays and place the houseplants in a shaded spot on the tray. With a shaded spot, the houseplants would need less water, however you must be careful because some plants mayn’t be happy with light reduction. One can also create a wick from a strip of capillary matting coming from a water container to the potting soil. There are items like water spikes and aqua globes which can help as well.

Macquarie Park Indoor plant hire – Protect plants from the frost

One of the most common challenges in front of Macquarie Park Indoor plant hire is to protect the plants from frost. One may need to check the weather forecasts for frost alerts and make necessary arrangement to protect their favourite houseplants from frost.
The shelter of a cold frame will help the growth of hardy shrubs and seed raised perennials during the winter. One needs to open the lid on warmer days to avoid overheating and deter fungal diseases. One can also make use of cloches to cover their favourite plants and protect them from frost and wind.
A frost free greenhouse is an excellent solution to keep Macquarie Park Indoor plant hire safe during the winter. Tender perennials can be lifted as soon as there are forecasts of frost alerts. The roots can be stored in a cool and frost free place. This is mostly done for tuberous begonias, chocolate cosmos, ginger lilies and dahlias.


Macquarie Park Indoor plant hire – Choosing the Best Services

Research studies have confirmed the numerous benefits associated with Macquarie Park Indoor plant hire. Plants in offices are known to improve the work environment by reducing anxiety and fatigue among employees while promoting improved health by giving fresh and pure air. When you start searching for service providers who offer Macquarie Park Indoor plant hire services, there are certain things one must enquire before hiring them.

  • Cost: Definitely one needs to stay in budget and hence you need to find prices which are affordable. A pragmatic approach where you get necessary plants at the best price is recommended.
  • Variety: Good service providers would offer myriad options when you plan for Macquarie Park Indoor plant hire. There are different plants available depending on the office location, size and ambience.
  • Service Quality: Would the service provider offer maintenance services as well? Installation of plants and their regular maintenance is important to guarantee longevity.