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North Sydney Plant Hire – Use Of Desk Plants In Offices

The benefits of having desk plants in the workplace seems quite obvious. There are research reports which further strengthen the claims of health and productivity benefits associated with North Sydney plant hire. Desk plants play a crucial role in creating a healthy and happy workplace.

North Sydney plant hire  can offer desk plants which improve the air quality in the workplace by removing volatile organic compounds. These VOCs usually come from plastic material in furniture, computers, printers and other fittings. VOCs are known to cause headaches, eye, nose and throat problems and loss of concentration. These are usually referred to as Sick Building Syndrome.

Desk plants have shown to have direct impact on workers with regards to reduced stress levels, increased comfort, reduced noise pollution, improved productivity and improved air quality. North Sydney plant hire can offer desk plants which can thrive well under limited lighting and minimal maintenance.

North Sydney Plant Hire – Low Maintenance Plants

North Sydney plant hire has the potential of deflecting the negative energy in the room apart from enhancing the aesthetics and beauty of any space. Utilizing North Sydney plant hire would not only help you in choosing the ideal plants suited to the available conditions but also avoid the hassle of maintaining or, installing the plants.

The Areca palm is considered as a great indoor plant to buy or lease for your office. This plant can survive with minimal watering and indirect sunlight thereby making it a favourite for North Sydney plant hire companies. Succulent plants like the cacti are available in different kinds of colour and rich in vitamins, amino acids and enzymes.

The Snake plant is used with North Sydney plant hire to serve as a natural green partition because the leaves grow upright and tall. The Chinese evergreens are extremely popular with North Sydney plant hire as it removes toxins from the air and requires minimal sunlight to thrive.

North Sydney plant hire – Use of natural stone plant pots

Over the years, North Sydney plant hire has been exceedingly popular as business owners and home owners understand the various benefits associated with plants. The real rising star of this popularity has been the plant pots which complements the houseplants.

The plant container for North Sydney plant hire is available in many sizes, colours, materials and forms which ensures that the planting display feels at home in any setting. For corporate settings, one normally chooses polished steel containers while large bespoke wooden plant pots are preferred for communal areas.

However the age old natural stone plant pots are always in vogue with North Sydney plant hire. They have been tried and tested for thousands of years and hence extremely reliable. The sturdy and weighty design looks great indoors and can withstand inclement weather when placed outside. They are handmade, and completely natural. They are available in classic colour range which creates an exotic and ancient look.

North Sydney plant hire – Beautiful Stone Planters

There are myriad benefits associated with North Sydney plant hire. The importance of planters cannot be exaggerated because they not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also help the growth of plants. Beautiful stone planters are available in various shape, sizes and colours which also offers bespoke designs that can fit well into any decor.

Mostly corporate offices prefer steel planters whereas beautiful bespoke wooden planters are considered best for the communal areas. North Sydney plant hire over the years use to have ceramic pots for all plants, however the stone planters are soon becoming extremely popular because they are completely handmade and eco-friendly.

The exotic and antique look offered by beautiful stone planters provides a beautiful aged finish for North Sydney plant hire. It also helps the plants to show their style and exuberance in the best way possible. Beautiful stone planters are also available in colours like wine red and midnight blue.

North Sydney plant hire – Beautiful flowers for the Summer

With the hot summer months setting in, it’s the best time to start thinking about plants for North Sydney plant hire. Beautiful flowers for summer will brighten your day and bloom with vibrant colours. The type of plants which don’t require much care, require minimal watering and can thrive well with different type of soil are the best choices for North Sydney plant hire.

Gloriosa Daisy has a bright yellow to orange petals with a black centre which can grow up to 3.5 ft tall. Dahlias are extremely popular for North Sydney plant hire during summer because they make beautiful symmetrical ball of brightly coloured petals and can be grown to different heights and sizes.

Marigolds are also favoured for North Sydney plant hire during Summer because they are easy to plant and maintain. They can be enjoyed all season long and available in different colours.

North Ryde Indoor Plant Hire – Caring for Desk plants

A desk plant may look small and insignificant, however the benefits associated with its presence are immense. Office plants are known to boost creativity, offer health benefits and improve productivity. North Ryde indoor plant hire highlights the importance of caring for desk plants.

Different desk plants have different needs so one just needs to pay attention to the lighting, watering and other requirements like type of soil, fertilizer etc. Improper watering is one of the common reasons for office plant care going awry. Allow the desk plant to drain excess water thoroughly and one should never allow the pot to stand in water.

There are certain plants like cast iron plant which can thrive well under low light conditions however others like the cactus need bright light. Depending on the plants chosen with North Ryde indoor plant hire, one needs to adjust the lighting arrangements.

North Sydney plant hire – Innovative DIY plant containers

When Spring is around, it’s the best time to flaunt your houseplants with North Sydney plant hire. There are several innovative DIY planters which enhances the beauty of your plants. You can consider adding some patterns to your interior space by painting a terracotta pot with acrylic paint and adding dots using a black marker.

Mini flower planters are excellent options for North Sydney plant hire which can be painted and decorated with a little bit of creativity. Granite or marble planters can be expensive, however one can use stone tiles and caulk the sides together to create their own innovative planters which adds to the aesthetics of your patio.

North Sydney plant hire can also make use of ombre plant pots which are quite popular because of their design and finish. One can also express their creativity by hand sculpting the planters as a clay house or, other designs which are hard to find in stores.

North Sydney Plant hire – Choosing bathroom plants

Indoor house plants make a great addition to any bathroom. North Sydney plant hire helps in enhancing the aesthetics of your bathroom space thereby making it more relaxed and welcoming. When you are planning to add beautiful houseplants to your bathroom, it is important to consider the below recommendations. Choose houseplants which can grow well under low light conditions so that they can thrive well in bathrooms. For more light, you may keep the houseplants on the windowsills or hang them in front of bathroom windows. North Sydney plant hire recommends houseplants which thrive well under humid conditions for the bathroom. North Sydney plant hire also recommends misting your bathroom plants so that its clogged pores are cleaned. The bathroom space can be limited for North Sydney plant hire and hence one must place smaller houseplants on counter tops, in corners, on the toilet tank or windowsills to make the most out of limited bathroom space.


North Sydney Plant Hire – Key to proper care and maintenance

When the weather is not great outside, it is best to bring a bit of nature indoors with North Sydney Plant hire. There are several species of plants which thrive well under low light conditions and offer a wide range of health and economic benefits.

North Sydney plant hire requires the right amount of light to grow. So, while plants like cast iron plant and snake plant can grow happily in dim corners, blooming plants would need to be placed near a bright window. Most plant species need a container with drainage holes so that water doesn’t stand around the roots.

Plants may get dirty and dusty which is why it is important to clean them up regularly. Wipe the leaves of a large potted plant with a dry dust cloth or moist sponge. For flowering plants, North Sydney plant hire recommends regular grooming which includes taking off the dead and yellow leaves.

North Sydney plant hire – Sunshine requirement for indoor plants

Indoor plants supplied as part of North Sydney plant hire are usually labelled with their sunshine requirement. For plants which need full sun, it requires at least 6 hours of direct sunlight and regular watering to endure the heat. For plants which need partial shade, they need 3-6 hours of sunshine every day.
Dappled sun exposure is similar to partial shade where sunshine makes its way through the branches of a deciduous tree. There are many plants which are offered as part of North Sydney plant hire which need less than 3 hours of direct sunlight each day.
It is important to look out for signs which can signal that your house plant is not getting enough light so that you can take corrective steps. When the new leaves are smaller than existing ones, the growth is spindly, leaves turning yellow, slow growth, flowering plants fail to bloom etc. would mean lack of light for the indoor plants.