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Office Plants – Plants that don’t need Sunlight

There are several challenges in front of Office plants like low lighting conditions, constant temperature and the air is usually dry from air conditioning units. In spite of all these hurdles, there are many office plants that can thrive well without Sunlight. With so many office varieties available, you only have to worry about choosing the best-looking container. Lease-A-Leaf offers impeccable varieties of Office plants which can survive low light conditions.

Lease-A-Leaf recommends the following options for office plants which require significantly less light:

  1. Peace Lily: The Peace Lily is recognized by its dark green foliage and single white blooms partially surrounding a yellow finger-like spadix. It is easy to maintain and requires very less light. This makes it ideal for your office cubicles.
  2. Lucky Bamboo: The name might be misleading because it is not a bamboo; rather it belongs to the lily family. This plant can grow in a room that has no natural light. The Lucky Bamboo requires regular watering using distilled, fluoride- and chlorine-free water.
  3. Snake Plant: The snake plant, or mother-in-law’s tongue plant, is very easy to grow as an office plant. The biggest feature of the snake plant is its ability to produce large amounts of oxygen. It is hard to kill a snake plant because it can survive tough growing conditions with ease.
  4. Ferns: Ferns require very low lighting conditions such as indirect light coming in from an office window. They do, however, prefer high humidity, which you can provide with an occasional misting.
  5. Chinese Evergreen: This is easily one of the most popular office plants that require low light conditions. It can easily thrive on being ignored. Characterized by its dark green glossy leaves this plant grows approximately to 2 to 3 feet.

There are several other office plants available in nature which can brave tough conditions and require low lighting for survival. Please feel free to get in touch with Lease-A-Leaf to know more about the office plants best suited for your workplace.

Plant Hire Services – A Brief Overview

Plant Hire offers stylish indoor plants and containers for hire at affordable prices. Plant Hire services are extremely important for the growth of business and to add beauty to the interiors of your house. Lease-a-Leaf has over 30 years of experience in the field of Plant Hire Services. Our dedicated team of qualified professionals will take your landscaping project to the next level. Our years of experience enables us to design not only with aesthetics in mind, but also practicality in maintenance and future developments.
Plant Hire services encompasses both long term and short term plant hire for Weddings, Special Events, Corporate office plant-scapes and retail outlets such as shopping centres, restaurants, resorts and function rooms. Plant Hire services for long term hire includes :

  •  Regularly watering of plants.
  •  Cleaning and polishing of foliage.
  •  Removal of spent foliage.
  •  Fertilize on a regular basis.
  •  Pruning to maintain symmetry.
  •  Cleaning containers and providing suitable ground covering around plants.
  •  Replacement of plants in order to maintain a high standard of display 24/7.

Plant Hire Services are aimed to create harmonious surroundings, improve employee well-being, customer satisfaction, and brand image of your business. At Lease-a-Leaf, we pride ourselves on offering the very latest in design, whether you’re looking to furnish a single room or an entire shopping centre, no job is too big or too small. Various factors such as lighting, temperature and environmental elements need to be considered when outfitting your premises with plants, so the work and worry is all ours and the pleasure is all yours!

Indoor Plant Hire – Hiring versus Buying

Haven’t you wondered how good the feeling is when you are surrounded by trees and plants? Indoor plants create a healthy, contemporary workplace, inspiring your employees. The indoor plant hire provides aesthetic benefits along with improved air quality, office morale and productivity. There are many who believe that buying their own plants and maintaining them can help them save money. Actually, it is always advisable to outsource the supply and maintenance of your Indoor plants.

Why hiring plants is always better than buying?

1.Ease and Comfort: You don’t need to earmark a person for maintaining the plants. Indoor plant hire companies have trained technicians who take care of the plants. Moreover, replacement of the plants and their daily maintenance is taken care of by the Plant Hire Company.

2.Ease to customize and high flexibility: The plant hire company can accommodate requests to customize the plant hire depending on the interior, location or occasion. If you have bought the planters, you would then have to throw them out and buy new planters with any change in decor.

3.High Quality assured: The plant hire company is always committed to provide fresh and healthy plants from an extensive plant range and an equally wide variety of the latest and most stylish pots and containers.

4.Economical: Indoor plant hire is always an economical solution when compared with buying plants.

5. Advisory service: Unless you are an indoor plant expert, it is always risky to buy plants and one might end up buying the wrong plants. Plants which require a lot of light might end up in a dark corner and vice versa. It is always advisable to leave it for the experts.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Lease-A-Leaf has always been committed to provide premium quality products and services along with highly competitive prices.



Office plants – Tips to choose the best

Many studies have shown that office plants improve the air quality to make employees more comfortable to work and reduce employee stress levels Plants have a benevolent effect on people and the spaces in which they live and work. From an aesthetic point of view, office plants can brighten up a workspace and create a more visually pleasing environment, thus making an office appear more attractive and less stressful. The variety of available office plants is enormous and hence the job to select the right plant can be a daunting task.

Steps to make life easy while choosing the right Office Plant

1.  Check the Interior of your office and the available space: A fair idea of the floor or counter space and the vertical space will make the selection of plant easy.

2.  Assess your office lighting: A lot depends on the lighting condition of your workplace. There are plants that require a lot of light for survival, while there are others which will do fine in most office settings i.e. under low-light conditions

3.  How much care can be afforded: There are some plants that require extra care and maintenance and it might be difficult for a busy office to give proper attention. There are many other plants that work great with little care and maintenance.

4.  Budget: The most important aspect for any investment. You need to honestly assess your budget and look for office plants that fit your requirements.

5.  Research and Analyze: Once you have your specifications, you can take them to your local garden store and ask a professional to suggest some plants that might work. Some common office plants are: Areca Palm, Peppermint, English Ivy, lemon Balm, Aloe Vera etc.

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