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Sydney Indoor Plants to hire for your working at home office

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many workers have been forced to work at home. Adapting to a working from home environment can become difficult especially for workers who have never experienced it before. It may take you back to feelings of a university student, being vulnerable to distractions and procrastination. To avoid these distractions it is important to tidy up your working area and set up a working from home office. Once cleaning up the area you will notice areas of space that may feel empty, a great way to fill in this space is to adopt into plants to hire from a Sydney indoor plant hire service,

Researchers in Australia, the UK, and the Netherlands found in 2014 that office plants, whether they are acquired through a plants to hire service or not increase workplace satisfaction in employees, increases concentration quality and improves on office air quality. This research was conducted in three offices over several months. The good thing about working from home is that you have privacy and free will to choose however you want to style and use your office space. Just one or two plants to hire can significantly change your working attitude, increase comfort. Plants are able to have this effect on humans through triggering different responses in the human brain relating to urban environments that give a sense of being away and tranquility.

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Sydney Indoor Plant Hire-Getting The Price List

One may often feel why Sydney indoor plant hire never offers a simple price list. The reason is because the price depends on a wide range of factors which are dynamic and a lot depends on the end user’s requirements, need and budget.

The price for Sydney indoor plant hire depends on the type of containers where designer containers can cost a lot while basic ones come cheap. It all depends on how much you want to spend on the containers and also on the commitment i.e. how long you are planning to have the hiring contract.

The type of plant is obviously an important factor because the price varies based on the species of plant chosen for Sydney indoor plant hire. The type of mulch which when includes decorative pebbles can cost more. Plant replacements may be needed depending on the lighting, air conditioning, watering regime and planter set up.  

Sydney Indoor Plant Hire – Different Kinds Of Rental Services

Sydney indoor plant hire can help in lightening up the ambience of any space. As long as the right species of plants are used in the indoor setting, they can potentially improve the mood and aesthetics of the interior. There are different situations or occasions where one may need to utilize services of Sydney indoor plant hire.

During special occasions like birthdays, weddings and family reunion, Sydney indoor plant hire can add more warmth to the entire occasion with the right choice of indoor plants. For corporate events, first impression is extremely important which is why one shouldn’t take any chances and should only rely on experts who offer Sydney indoor plant hire.

Other events like academic events, community festivities or, religious ceremonies can also enjoy the benefits of Sydney indoor plant hire. Model homes receive a lot of attention from potential buyers which is where Sydney indoor plant hire can be instrumental in ensuring the best first impression.

Sydney indoor plant hire – Houseplants for Restaurants

For Spa’s and restaurants it is very important to create the best impression when clients visit which is why Sydney indoor plant hire plays a critical role in their business operations. Interior landscape consultants create a planting scheme which can complement the decor, theme and ambience of the restaurant.

Depending on the tones and colours exhibited by the facility, Sydney indoor plant hire can use an appropriate plant scheme along with suitable planters. The light levels vary considerably throughout the restaurant which is why it is important to hire plants which can survive low light levels.

Sydney indoor plant hire can also ensure a luxurious and upscale feel with their presence in the lounge and reception. It is important for the plants to be offered regular care and maintenance to ensure longevity. Sydney indoor plant hire is the best and easiest way to bring a tinge of greenery and beautiful foliage right inside the Spa or, restaurant.

Sydney indoor plant hire – Gracing the decor with houseplants

To make the most out of Sydney indoor plant hire, there are certain simple rules like matching your plants with the decor and lifestyle. There are few simple tips which can help in decorating the interior with houseplants. The right plant must be placed at the right place. Even if you love a plant, you would still need to evaluate the growing conditions available before setting up in any room.

Depending on the lighting available, there are different varieties of indoor plants available as part of Sydney indoor plant hire. Plants always look better when they are grouped. Sydney indoor plant hire groups identical plants for a lush and contemporary feel.

Depending on the decor, one can either use tropical plants or, desert plants. Use interesting containers because they play an important role in complementing the decor. One can look for inspiration in magazines, websites or, other homes to see what designs are currently trending and make use of similar when they plan for Sydney indoor plant hire.

Sydney indoor plant hire – Staking methods for houseplants

The method of staking indoor plants is not uncommon because unlike outdoor plants there is neither wind or competition from other plants which can make them to develop sturdy support structures. Sydney indoor plant hire recommends staking up indoor plants to promote growth.

The most basic form of staking is the simple straight stake which is ideal for single stemmed plants like flowering plants. A bamboo rod may be pushed in the soil, while the plant is tied to the stake for support. In case of a wired support, plants with long branches like jasmine are supported with a sculptural hoop shaped support.

Sydney indoor plant hire recommends the use of caged support for multi stemmed plants which are top heavy with foliage or flowers. A simple wire cage that surrounds the plant and provides support to the plant’s weight is used. Use of moss pole is the most complicated type of staking which is suited to climbers like climbing philodendron, pothos vines, monstera etc.

Sydney indoor plant hire – Cold resistant houseplants

For the winter months, Sydney indoor plant hire should mostly include cold resistant houseplants which have a better chance of survival for places which can get very cold. The houseplants mayn’t be able to handle extreme frost, however they can very well thrive and grow well in temperate conditions.

The Jade plant can tolerate temperatures above freezing which also helps the plant to flower. This plant can be grown as a bonsai and grown in pots. Begonia is very popular amongst Sydney indoor plant hire because it can thrive well under a wide range of temperature conditions. They can grow well either outdoors and indoors, while doing equally well when packed in a pot.

The English ivy always forms a part of Sydney indoor plant hire because it’s extremely hard to kill. It has pointy leaves with varying length and different varieties which also grows flowers.

Sydney Indoor Plant Hire – Managing Humidity Levels

Houseplants can be extremely sensitive with respect to the humidity levels and hence it is important to manage the humidity levels well to ensure best results with Sydney Indoor Plant Hire. During the fall and winter, houses with central heating can be extremely dry for the plants.There are certain species of plants like the cacti and the succulents which thrive well under dry conditions, however most plants offered with Sydney Indoor plant hire don’t thrive well under dry conditions. A humidifier is the best way to raise the humidity levels in your home. The added moisture benefits the houseplants.
One can also group houseplants offered with Sydney Indoor plant hire because the moisture released by one plant can be picked by another. The houseplants also need proper air circulation. One should also regularly spray houseplants offered with Sydney Indoor plant hire with a fine mist of tepid water where both the top and bottoms of the leaves are moistened. Mist in the morning so that the leaves may dry during the day.


Sydney indoor plant hire – Best indoor plants for apartments

The most common challenges for Sydney indoor plant hire when grown in an apartment is limited space and low lighting conditions. However, there are myriad reasons to invest in Sydney indoor plant hire which makes your apartment feel more welcoming and alive.
Some of the best indoor plants which are perfect for apartments include Pothos, Snake Plant, ZZ plant, Iron plant, Cacti, Succulents, Spider plants, Bamboo, Ficus tree and Peace Lily. The leafy green Pothos adds lively accents to the apartment which is perfect for hanging baskets. They can survive well under a variety of lighting conditions.
Snake plants are extremely tolerant to low care and maintenance. It also offers added benefits like purification of air by removing toxins like benzene and formaldehyde. The ZZ plant is extremely popular as part of Sydney indoor plant hire because it thrives well under low light conditions, rarely attracts pests and needs minimal watering.

Sydney Indoor Plant Hire – Beautiful and Exotic Houseplants

A wide range of exotic houseplants can be chosen for Sydney Indoor plant hire. However, it is important to know more about the native habitats of the plants to grow them successfully indoors. As an example, houseplants which are native to wet and dark forests can thrive well in a steamy bathroom.
Begonias are excellent houseplants which needs a warm and shady spot to encourage its bright leaf colouring. The Ficus benjamina otherwise known as the Golden King is an elegant ficus with shiny leaves which needs frequent watering. The summer flowering Streptocarpus performs best when grown in a shady spot.
Tillandsia cyanea is a bromeliad which is native to Ecuador, where it would normally grow on tree trunks. Considered as an excellent choice for Sydney indoor plant hire, the pink flower stalk of this plant offers the best backdrop to its beautiful blue flowers. It needs to grow on a free draining but moist compost and stay away from direct sunlight.