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Macquarie park indoor plant hire – Different varieties of Indoor Palm Tree

Indoor palm trees are slow-growing and stay smaller when grown in containers, making them ideal house plants. Indoor palm trees are ideal for decorating homes and offices. They create an elegant tropical feel and beautify the interior. Most types of palm trees are native to tropical regions and grow best with indirect light and moderate humidity. Continue reading Macquarie park indoor plant hire – Different varieties of Indoor Palm Tree

Plant Rental Services – Value for Money

Plants have proven to be important life supporters in that they remove carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Plant Rental Services play an integral part to every interior. By adding plants to your home or business, you can help clean many harmful toxins found in your indoor environment. Lease-A-Leaf specializes in the hire of live plants to your office, home or event to create an innovative, attractive environment.

If you have a grand party in your house or backyard, you can hire Plant rental services and grace the occasion with a touch of nature. People hosting theme parties would also want to hire plants when the theme is based on natural themes. The cost of the plant rental is very less as compared to the overall cost of the plant. Short term rental plants are always a better option for short term decorative purposes. These days, offices are giving a lot of stress on landscape designing so that they can enhance the views of their office interiors.

Some well-placed greenery can not only brighten a space but also purify the air and they’re also helpful in creating a more relaxing, restful ambiance in any room. At, Lease-A-Leaf we aim to employ highly skilled staff who communicate well. Our staff care about how the plants look in our customers’ premises. They are trained in how to best care for plants and they know what plants suit different environments. Plant Rental services from Lease-A-Leaf can provide the perfect backdrop for any occasion. Short-term plant rental plans are available to fit any budget or occasion throughout Sydney. We have an extensive range of stunning plants for indoor plant hire Sydney, the expertise to achieve desired plants capes, and the experience to maintain displays beautifully. In short, Plant hire services are complete value for money.

Plant Hire Services – A Brief Overview

Plant Hire offers stylish indoor plants and containers for hire at affordable prices. Plant Hire services are extremely important for the growth of business and to add beauty to the interiors of your house. Lease-a-Leaf has over 30 years of experience in the field of Plant Hire Services. Our dedicated team of qualified professionals will take your landscaping project to the next level. Our years of experience enables us to design not only with aesthetics in mind, but also practicality in maintenance and future developments.
Plant Hire services encompasses both long term and short term plant hire for Weddings, Special Events, Corporate office plant-scapes and retail outlets such as shopping centres, restaurants, resorts and function rooms. Plant Hire services for long term hire includes :

  •  Regularly watering of plants.
  •  Cleaning and polishing of foliage.
  •  Removal of spent foliage.
  •  Fertilize on a regular basis.
  •  Pruning to maintain symmetry.
  •  Cleaning containers and providing suitable ground covering around plants.
  •  Replacement of plants in order to maintain a high standard of display 24/7.

Plant Hire Services are aimed to create harmonious surroundings, improve employee well-being, customer satisfaction, and brand image of your business. At Lease-a-Leaf, we pride ourselves on offering the very latest in design, whether you’re looking to furnish a single room or an entire shopping centre, no job is too big or too small. Various factors such as lighting, temperature and environmental elements need to be considered when outfitting your premises with plants, so the work and worry is all ours and the pleasure is all yours!

Rhapis Palm – A Brief Overview

Rhapis, also known commonly as the Lady Palm, can be found in homes and gardens throughout the world. It grows from multiple stems, each topped with upright fronds. The Rhapis Palm is native to Southern China and Taiwan; it grows best in partial shade and makes the best indoor palm in the world. These palms are slow growing, have a long life and can grow to 3-4 metres. Features

  • – Elegant Tropical Effect, Highly decorative
  • – Bamboo like clustering trunk pattern
  • – Slow growing, multiple trunk style
  • – Great choice for large pots and containers
  • – Cold Tolerant

Growing Conditions

  • – All species of Rhapis prefer filtered light or partial shade.
  • – The soil should be kept moist to avoid gray, brown or crunchy foliage.
  • – This species tolerates tropical and subtropical temperatures from 20 to 100 degrees F and can handle both humid and dry climates.
  • – Soil should be rich in humus and should have proper drainage.
  • – They grow slow and hence require less fertilizer.

The two most common varieties of the Lady Palm are: R. humilis and R. excelsa. The R. excelsa is the most popular Rhapis which grows to 6 feet and forms a dense bush-like clump of stems with upright leaves. The Rhapis Palm is cold tolerant to around 23 degrees F and is good for Melbourne and Western Sydney. Lease-A-Leaf guarantees top notch quality plants and an amazing customer service. Rhapis palms are great plants for the casual palm-lover with moderate space.

Indoor Plant Hire – Hiring versus Buying

Haven’t you wondered how good the feeling is when you are surrounded by trees and plants? Indoor plants create a healthy, contemporary workplace, inspiring your employees. The indoor plant hire provides aesthetic benefits along with improved air quality, office morale and productivity. There are many who believe that buying their own plants and maintaining them can help them save money. Actually, it is always advisable to outsource the supply and maintenance of your Indoor plants.

Why hiring plants is always better than buying?

1.Ease and Comfort: You don’t need to earmark a person for maintaining the plants. Indoor plant hire companies have trained technicians who take care of the plants. Moreover, replacement of the plants and their daily maintenance is taken care of by the Plant Hire Company.

2.Ease to customize and high flexibility: The plant hire company can accommodate requests to customize the plant hire depending on the interior, location or occasion. If you have bought the planters, you would then have to throw them out and buy new planters with any change in decor.

3.High Quality assured: The plant hire company is always committed to provide fresh and healthy plants from an extensive plant range and an equally wide variety of the latest and most stylish pots and containers.

4.Economical: Indoor plant hire is always an economical solution when compared with buying plants.

5. Advisory service: Unless you are an indoor plant expert, it is always risky to buy plants and one might end up buying the wrong plants. Plants which require a lot of light might end up in a dark corner and vice versa. It is always advisable to leave it for the experts.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Lease-A-Leaf has always been committed to provide premium quality products and services along with highly competitive prices.



Create an Innovative, Attractive and Healthy Environment

The wide range of Temporary Plants can be easily customized to the demands of the business and location. Improving the aesthetics of an office is vital for the growth of business. Wellbeing of employees and projecting a positive image is indispensable in the corporate arena. Lease-A-Life offers a humungous list of temporary plants which can add to the ambience of your office or home. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, leasealeaf.com guarantees stupendous products and impeccable service.

So, why someone needs Temporary Plants in office or house? The answer is that Temporary plants provide you the flexibility to change the decor as per the occasion and doesn’t overload you with additional cost for maintenance. Whether you have a business meeting, conference or personal party, temporary plants can enlighten the ambience with ease and perfection.

Maintenance of plants can be an overhead and this is where Temporary Plants come handy. With temporary plants, relocation to new premises or changes in the decor doesn’t cause any problem. Research studies have proved that the productivity increases by more than 12% due to presence of plants in office. Moreover, the plants help in creating a healthy environment, thereby making the employees less susceptible to sickness or stress. The advantages of temporary plants make it an indispensable member of your office or house decor. Undoubtedly, Temporary plants are a must for creating an innovative, attractive and healthy environment.