Temporary Planter Hire

Many types of facilities and establishments use plants to enhance the natural beauty of their premises. These plants bring a natural sensation into manmade constructions. Not only does this enhance the décor of the facility, they also give an inviting and friendly look to all your clients, visitors and personnel.

Such plants require special planters. Naturally, the planters will also need to complement the beauty of the plant and the décor of the setting. Space will also need to be effectively utilised.

Types of planters we provide for temporary hire include:

  • Cane Basket: Natural containers for your natural plants, the timeless appeal of a cane basket planter can be hard to beat. You can store plants inside them easily and conveniently.
  • Ceramalite: Available in black and white, the Ceramalite round planter complements modern technology with the timeless appeal of ceramic pots. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Ceramalite planters are leak-proof and impact-resistant.
  • Ceramalite Cone: Perfect for floor standing planters, Ceramalite Cone planters don’t require much space on your desk or workstation. By standing beside your desk, they will keep you connected with nature.
  • Glow Planters: Made of durable polyethylene and illuminated with energy efficient fluorescent bulbs, these plants throw a new light on your plants. These provide a viable alternative to the common methods of lighting used in commercial or residential spaces. We provide glow planters in colours like blue, green, purple, red and white.
  • Roman Square – Terracotta: These planters are designed for indoor use such as lobbies, commercial offices and hotel rooms etc. They are also surprisingly lightweight and highly durable. With the ability to stand independently, they are perfect for your decorative plants.
  • Roman Trough: Available in black and terracotta, these planters are traditionally divided into different areas of a garden or walkway. The timeless elegance of these troughs brings an element of history to the present as it enhances the visual décor of your space.
  • Slimline Trough: Available in white, these planters add elegance to your space by giving off a classical look. These plain-faced troughs enhance the beauty of your space and give it a distinctive appeal.
  • Traditional Vases: Available in black and brown, these planters are best suited to those who prefer to have conventional planters adorn their space. Not only do they enhance the atmosphere of their surroundings, they also provide an earthy and natural look too.