Temporary Plant Hire – Low Maintenance Houseplants

Low maintenance houseplants are the best choice for temporary plant hire. The low maintenance houseplants survive under low-light conditions, minimal watering and care. Let’s know more about some of the best known low maintenance plants popular for temporary plant hire.

Aglaonema is a slow growing tropical which is grown for its graceful and oblong leaves. The Aspidistra elatior can withstand a great deal of neglect and yet offer dark green foliage. Similarly, the Dracaena grows in low to medium light and even takes infrequent watering in stride.

The Aureum or Pothos is a beautiful plant popular for temporary plant hire because of its oval and variegated leaves which can tolerate low humidity, low light and infrequent watering. The rubber tree is an attractive houseplant used for temporary plant hire which sports thick, glossy leaves and which can tolerate sporadic watering. The philodendron looks attractive with its heart shaped leaves that grows long.