Temporary Plant Hire – Simple Steps for Repotting

Most houseplants outgrow their pot which is why repotting is important to ensure healthy houseplants. Recognizing when your plants need repotting is important. For temporary plant hire, repotting is done at least once a year, preferably in the spring.
Some of the common signs which would indicate a need for repotting includes:

  • Roots of the plants would start to protrude from the bottom of the container
  • The plant begins to wilt even after thorough watering
  • Build up of a yellowish crust on the plant’s stem would indicate an excess of mineral salts
  • When the plants stop growing, it’s time for repotting.

Temporary plant hire is generally used for special events or occasions. However, one needs to ensure proper care, maintenance and upkeep for healthy and beautiful houseplants. For repotting, you would need to remove the plant from the pot, prepare the root ball, choose the new pot, repot with the right compost mix and water thoroughly. Repotting ensures longevity of plants which can be used for temporary plant hire.