The Best Low Maintenance Office Plants

Most people will agree that office plants of any kind do a great deal to improve any space, adding a natural feeling to any room. However, many plants require frequent maintenance and this often prevents people from incorporating them into offices. Adding indoor plants Sydney to an office isn’t just for aesthetics; they have a range of health and emotional benefits and have been proven to boost creativity, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Keeping some office plants can be a time-consuming process, needing to be watered, drained, fertilized, and pruned just the keep them healthy. Not all plants are like this, some of the best low maintenance office plants to bring greenery into your workspace include:

  • Cactus – by far the lowest maintenance office plants, they require only very occasional watering (weekly in summer, less in other months). They also thrive in natural light.
  • Spider Plant – a plant that can survive with water every few days and partial sunlight. They also have good air purification properties, reported to be one of the best at removing harmful chemicals called VOCs from the air, useful for indoor plants Sydney.
  • Devils Ivy – these plants can survive in any light level and only require occasional watering to maintain. Devils Ivies are a very versatile office plant for any location.
  • Aloe Vera – these office plants require little light and only needs watering every three weeks. They also purify the air and remove harmful chemicals.

Lease-a-Leaf is a leading provider of indoor plants Sydney and can supply a plethora of low maintenance and attractive plants for your office.

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