The Best Summer Plants for Indoor

Summer has arrived and with it comes the heat. This is a tough time for most plant hire as the more intense sunlight and temperature can damage foliage or even kill the plant. However, there are some plants for indoor that thrive in the heat and more direct sunlight. Many high light plants, in particular, are great for summer conditions as their needs can be met even without constant direct exposure.

There are a few plants for indoor which thrive in summer conditions, one of the best being the red aglaonema. This plant can survive in and high light and requires only occasional watering to maintain. Other great indoor summer plants include Oxalis, which is best in medium and low light, and the peace lily which blooms in summer. Another great option of summer plants for indoor and outdoor is cacti, which among other succulents are accustomed to dry and hot conditions.

Regardless of what plant hire you have during the summertime, it is essential to keep them watered regularly. In the summer heat, the soil will dry quicker than usual, so it is important to water outside of the hottest hours. This is even true with plants for indoor conditions when placed in direct sunlight. In most cases, Sydney Water recommends watering after 4 pm or before 10 am to avoid rapid evaporation in the hottest hours of the day. Water evaporating before it can nourish the plants

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