What are Some of the Most Popular Indoor Plants Used by Commercial Enterprises?

Some of the best plants offered by companies in Chatswood and elsewhere for indoor plant hire include:

  • The Spathiphyllum Species: This small to medium sized plant is ideal for desktops and small troughs. It features large and glossy dark green leaves.
  • The Dracaena Janet Craig: This plant is popular because it can handle dimly or poorly lit conditions with low water. This plant comes in troughs and single planters.
  • The Kentia Palm (or Howea Forsteriana): This large specimen palm comes in single planters. Victorian England hotels often used this classical palm tree.
  • The Umbrella Tree (or Schefflera Actinophylla): Ideally suited for the indoors, this plant is an Australian native plant from the tropics
  • The Golden Cane Palm (or Dypsis Lutescens): One of the most popular plants for temporary hire, this plant features attractive fronds and golden stems
  • The Tree Bird of Paradise (or Strelitzia Nicolai): This plant features large banana-type leaves. It is ideal for use in large areas.