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Tips to keep your office plants healthy and fresh!

Many people believe that all office plants are low maintenance and will be perfectly fine unattended functioning as a paperweight all day. These people fail to realize that every office plant is different and the level of attention they require varies depending on the species of plant. Office plants are still plants and basic maintenance can improve the health of these plants and the vibe of your office. Caring for plants is a therapeutic routine that will leave you with a rewarding feeling if done correctly. To ensure that you are making the most of your hire plants follow the simple steps below.


Obviously watering is essential when it comes to plant maintenance and is something that is absolutely necessary even when it comes to short term plant hire as improper or the lack of watering quickly becomes obvious. Improper watering occurs when a carer either waters the plant too much or not enough.

  • Plants need to be watered slowly.
  • Water the office plant till water makes its way through the drainage holes
  • Never water when the soil is still damp from previous watering.
  • Never let the plant sit in water (never leave water in the saucer)


Making sure your plant gets sufficient lighting is a simple task. The best way to give your plant adequate lighting is to place it near a window. However, it is advised to move your plant away when intense sunlight is hitting the window as this could potential scorch the plant (unless the plant is a type of cactus).

Extra tips

  • Keep plants away from air conditioning and drafty windows
  • Have a backup plan for the maintenance of your office plant when you are away from the office.
  • If ur plant is not acquired through short term plant hire you will eventually need to fertilize your plant. It is best to fertilize every other month during spring and summer. Enquire online to find the best fertilizer for your species of plant.

Getting Started with Hedge Plants

Hedge Plants are fast-growing favorites for those customers who are looking for a piece that can provide shade, privacy and fill space tremendously. Careful trimming with secateurs is required and can often be difficult to handle as every plant reacts differently to its shape. Once you understand how your hedge plant grows then only then can you develop more complex designs that can really come out nicely and compliment your garden significantly. Thus, it is absolutely imperative that any hedge plant grower starts simple on smaller plants where they can learn to trim using the right tools, those being: a pruning knife, garden sheers or even electric/petrol hedge trimmers. Additionally, these tools need to be cleaned, maintained and well taken care of. This means not putting your tools away when they are wet to prevent rusting from occurring. It should also be noted that Hedge plants don’t just fulfill aesthetic desires for its owners but also provides significant functionality. Many hedges have the capability to grow berries, herbs such as lavender, rosemary and thyme, flowers and many more variations of flowers which can bring great benefits to the ecosystem of your garden.

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Best Sydney Indoor Plants For The Office!

There aren’t many cons you can think of when deciding whether or not you should display an indoor plant in your Sydney office. The question you should ask yourself is “what indoor plant should I display in the office?” Here’s a list of plants that just might liven things up in your office. Stick to this list as you should never destine a plant for death row.

Mother in law’s tongue: A sensual flowering plant in the family of Aspragacea which looks sleek, tropical and doesn’t overgrow. Making it a sure fit for your office.

Fiddle Leaf Fig: If you don’t mind a little bit of growth over the pot then you can’t go wrong with the ‘Ficus Lyrata’. It’s certainly different and it will certainly get people talking in the office. Sure to be one of the trendiest Sydney indoor plants.

Aloe: Compact and striking the aloe plant will fit on any desk. It’s a timeless plant that certainly isn’t boring to look at with its sharp spikes along its leaves.

Azalea: If you’re looking for vivid colour look no further than the Azalea. This type of plant is an evergreen shrub that comes in pink, purple, white, red, or yellow. If you’re office is a bland one and it needs some sharp colour this is definitely the plant to go to. It needs some sun, though if you’re into hire plants the blooming has already been done for you.

Cacti: By far the most trustworthy plant there is. If it can survive in the desert it can survive in your office no matter how dry and barren it may seem. If you ever wanted to watch something thrive solely from your neglect the cactus is your new office plant.

Peace Lily: We can’t make a list of best Sydney indoor plants without including the peace lily. This air cleaning plant can tolerate low light and it just looks like the office is their natural habitat. It’s not as extravagant as some of the other plants on this list however it is arguably the quintessential plant and upkeep is certainly no hard task.

Cacti: By far the most trustworthy plant there is. If it can survive in the desert it can survive in your office no matter how dry and barren it may seem. If you ever wanted to watch something thrive solely from your neglect the cactus is your new office plant.